Why Bopp films are rated to be the best when it comes to beverage packaging?


In establishing brand identity and distinguishing the company from the rest of the competition package design is beneficial. In the domain of food and beverage industry the message which sells is that of premium quality, craftsmanship and luxury. A testimony to this fact is craft beers and this concept is making their way into non- alcoholic beverages. IML labels is a technique that these companies go on to adopt.

Formulating a distinctive and unique packaging design is the way for brands to go. All the more so when it is the case of new  craft beers that is trying to make their way into the competitive market as a lesser known name. One of the important tools to attract the attention of the customers is the packaging and allows them to take a chance with a new beverage rather than an old standby.

There are numerous elements that come into prominence, when it comes to an impactful packaging design that includes the bottle of the packaged bottle in itself. The artwork and topography involved in the bottle holds relevance. It is often overlooked that would finish better on the label and the bottle itself. This may be the difference that tends to set the product apart from the competition in the market.

One of the unique things that sets the product different from the completion is BOPP. It goes on to include premium finishes and touches that would go on to set it apart from the competition. Bopp film manufacturers tend to develop specific applications for beverage packaging. Their main focus is to display a product apart from competition.

  • Tube bottle packaging- Cylindrical packaging, would be one of the most classical designs and gives a feeling of luxury to the potential customers. The format of the bottle should be such that it should make things special. Since this form of packaging is to be displayed and kept with display. It is vital that you take measures that are resistant to common types of damage.
  • In beverage packaging window gift boxes- A special edition gift box would be another format for premium beverage packaging. It goes on to include a special bottle, with an added value like a branded drinking class. Such paper board boxes goes on to include a typical window that would be displaying the items inside. It is known to provide a coating protecting when it comes to numerous types of finishes that may enhance the original artwork with a variety of finishes.
  • Premium malt beverage carriers- Both malt have beverage have gone on to formulate their own consumer culture. There are certain brands that have gone on to rate them as truly quality beverages. Hence they would require a beverage match to deal with things.

Coming to Bopp manufacturers there are developed in a couple of ways. For many applications it goes on to formulate an improved version of laminating product. Some of the benefits include light in weight and resistant to UV rays, where the clarity are of exceptional levels that provides ultimate protection from weathering and scratching.

When it comes to a decorative product there are numerous choices rather than the standard gloss. Matte finishes provide an elegant look and have gone on to become popular and numerous forms of lamenting films are available in gold , silver and brush effects. Of late, black , white and opaque films have also gone on to become popular. Apart from this there are other special type of Bopp films that is available in the market.

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