White gold vs. platinum: Pick the best metal for your engagement ring


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when talking of engagement rings- Diamond- Isn’t it? You must know that engagement rings are not just restricted to diamonds. There are various trending options that you can choose. Often people just think about the metal but they ignore the band on which the metal would be set. Platinum or gold would be the right choice for your band. However, a heated argument pops up when you talk about their color. For instance, there’s a never ending rivalry between white gold vs Platinum

Hence, you must understand the difference between the two. Though both of them have a similar appearance, they differ from one another in terms of their composition, durability, price, and color. This guide will clear out all your doubts and confusion about these two metals.

Platinum is stronger and whiter than white gold. Also, there’s a huge difference in their price because of their composition. In case of white gold, various other durable metals are used like nickel, copper, etc. But when you buy platinum, you get 95-98% platinum while the rest percentage consists of other metals like rhodium or silver. However, if you have budget constraints and wish to opt for other choices, lab created diamonds also wins the race.  They are affordable, sustainable, and are also eco-friendly.

Difference between white gold and platinum

If you want to buy the best gold or platinum depending on your choice, one needs to understand their differences in terms of their price, durability, as well as care and maintenance.

Platinum vs. white gold price

When choosing the right engagement ring metal, you need to consider various essential things. Price is one such crucial consideration. When looking at the price, you have to think of two important things- buying cost and maintenance cost. For affordable options, white gold would be the best. Platinum is highly expensive but it is a worthy investment.

Platinum vs. white gold durability

When comparing white gold vs. platinum, it’s mandatory to consider the durability factor. Platinum is durable than white gold and requires minimal polishing to upkeep its shine. However, that does not mean that you have to polish your white gold very now and then. White gold has rhodium plating to enhance its durability and finish. This is one of the reasons why it can wear off after a certain time.

Maintenance and care

Both white gold and platinum can be cleaned with warm water and a soapy solution. Soak them in this solution and allow it to rest for 20 to 40 minutes. Use a gentle brush to clean up the surfaces. Once cleaning is done, use a non-fibrous cloth to dry it up. As far as maintenance is concerned, white gold requires more maintenance and upkeep. Moreover, gold requires frequent polishing- at least twice a year. Platinum metal on the other hand requires minimal maintenance and can be kept shiny with annual polish only.

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