The Real Deal On Polycarbonate Roofing In Singapore: Is It Worth It?


Generally, when you go outdoors, take a dip at resorts or hotels, stroll around patios, or casually walk around the garden, you can come across polycarbonate roofing in Singapore.Most commonly, this roofing material is reserved for various outdoor settings, such as garden fixtures, patio covers, residential conservatories, sunrooms, greenhouses, carports, pergolas, and other outdoor structures. Due to its strength, durability, and innumerous benefits, polycarbonate sheets have gained immense popularity in the market today and become highly in demand for different settings, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.

Apart from having a robust foundation and being durable, it is also lightweight, has UV resistance, is cost-effective, and is fire resistant, which is why many people opt to use this material for their roofing.

If you’re considering getting a polycarbonate roof in Singapore, learn more about its positives and negatives below.


Apart from using an outdoor parasol in Singapore, polycarbonate roofing is the go-to choice for outdoor purposes. While it may not be the best bet for your entire house, it is ideal for outdoor structures, such as garages, decks, piazzas, verandas, glasshouses, and pool covers. Here are some more advantages of getting a polycarbonate roof.



When you ask a roof specialist in Singapore about polycarbonates, they would say and possibly recommend it due to the unique features that the material holds. One of which is its durability. This roofing material has robust sheets and is just as powerful as glass. It has an impact resistance that is 200 times that of glass. Yup, it is that durable! Installing a polycarbonate roofing system is highly durable enough to last for years. You also will never need to worry about cracks, tears, damage, or breakage. Polycarbonate can withstand any environmental factor and extreme amounts of force while remaining nearly unbreakable.


Another perk of getting a polycarbonate roof in Singaporeis its hassle-free. Because of its simplicity and weight, it provides convenience in terms of various aspects. It is lightweight, providing ease when people will install, carry, handle, cut, trim, drill, or transport it. Generally, polycarbonates have half the weight of glass. Being lightweight, flexible, and impact resistant in one single material undoubtedly provides convenience, ease to work with, and extremely easy to carry, transport, and handle anywhere.

It is also remarkable for its flexibility. With the help of sharp-toothed scissors, a sharp-edged knife, a circular saw, or whatever equipment you have at home that is good for cutting, you can easily cut polycarbonates. It no longer requires any additional tools or machinery. Because of its flexibility, it provides ease and is very interesting to work with, allowing a roofing contractor in Singapore to create different shapes for various purposes, say circular roofs, domes, or sheds. You may even do it on your own as long as you have some tools with you.

In addition, another pro of polycarbonate roofing in Singaporeis that it doesn’t produce any harmful or toxic shards while cutting or drilling, compared to cases of glass cutting.


With flexibility, impact resistance, and durability, polycarbonate panels or sheets will absolutely last for years! A polycarbonate roof in Singaporehas high resistance to extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, summer, snow, heavy rain, and other environmental forces that can impact the roof. This feature enables the polycarbonates to last for many years without the expense of discolouration, fading, or repairs. Yes, it can remain damage free from various impacts over the years, but if you properly maintain it! You can preserve its colour, transparency, and shape and make it last for three to four decades with proper care and maintenance.



Have you noticed why most greenhouses use polycarbonates? The core and heart of polycarbonate roofing in Singaporeis its UV resistance. On one side of the sheet, it comes with a UV protective layer, not allowing any harmful UV or sun rays to enter the structure. Although it has extra layers, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can entirely block sun rays, but it only allows a good amount of sunlight to enter the place. Polycarbonates have insulation properties, helping plants within a greenhouse to stay protected from the harmful UV radiations directly from the sun and not allowing them to be in contact with other natural elements.

With the UV blocking capabilities of a polycarbonate roof in Singapore, it is the best bet for outdoor purposes, such as patios, awnings, sunroom roofing, or swimming pool covers.


Polycarbonate roofing in Singapore is in demand for a reason. This roofing material has a unique fire-resistant property. Because of its added layers, durability, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures and heat, it can also resist fires. Thus, polycarbonates are the best decision if you live in tropical countries or nearby fire-prone areas.



When you consult a roof specialist in Singapore, they would also recommend polycarbonates for their visual appeal. Polycarbonates can add enhanced beauty to your property. With a wide variety of colours, textures, materials, and types to choose from, you can absolutely use this to style your house. Imagine having UV protection roofing that helps prevent damage from direct sunlight and, at the same time, stylise your entire property? What a win-win situation!



Despite the many positives to using polycarbonate panels as a roofing material, there are also some downsides. The two disadvantages of a polycarbonate roof in Singaporeare its cost and non-resistance to scratch. They are not scratch resistant, meaning dents, scratches, or marks on the surface are possible if not well taken care of or without extra caution. Another is its cost. Polycarbonates are somehow costlier than other roofing materials. However, considering the number of benefits provided by polycarbonates, it would make up for the expenses, definitely worth every penny!


Now, the question remains, is a polycarbonate roof worth it? You can clearly see how the advantages of a polycarbonate roofing system in Singapore overpower those two downsides. Choosing this roofing material can be one of the best decisions you can invest in for your property. Whether you plan to use it for your patio, pergola, carport, garage, swimming pool, greenhouse, skylight, or any other structure, consider polycarbonates as your roofing material!

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