4 Questions to Ask Your Data Centre Builder


As companies grow, so do the number of files containing sensitive information. Therefore, this growth calls for a dedicated server room to ensure those data files are secured. However, there will come a time when a floor in your building won’t be enough to hold the amount of data the company has. Eventually, you would need to consult a data centre builder on how to construct an establishment capable of storing, processing, and distributing data.

However, starting a project involving a data centre consultancy company would require tens of millions of dollars, especially if you’re constructing a separate building. Moreover, you would need more funds to ensure your data centre remains operational. In other words, owning one is expensive. Cutting corners would only be detrimental to the company in the long run, as you would need to replace cheap components more often.

Asking questions to your data centre builder allows you to gain information on several aspects of the construction process. Additionally, it makes you aware of possible mistakes that could happen as a result of picking the wrong decisions. Therefore, continue reading this article if you want to know more about these four questions you need to ask the data centre construction company.

4 Questions to Ask Your Data Centre Builder

1. What is the ideal location for a data centre?

Determining the location of your data centre is essential before talking about the specifics. Ideally, you want to choose an area where there is enough space to install the necessary cooling equipment. Remember that server rooms emit a lot of heat. If your cooling systems are inefficient, you run the risk of overheating your racks, potentially causing downtime or data corruption. Depending on your location, your data centre solution provider will offer you two solutions: liquid cooling or air cooling.

Liquid cooling uses a chilling room to lower the temperature of the water before pumping it to the computer room air handler units or CRAH. This method is a reliable and cost-effective way to ensure your data centre doesn’t overheat.

On the other hand, air cooling utilises the traditional air conditioning units to ensure that heat in a server room doesn’t build up. Like the previous method, this system is cheap to run. However, it is also more environmentally friendly and safer.

Deciding on which cooling method to use requires careful consideration. Talk to your data centre builder for professional advice.

2. How big should the data centre be?

After determining the ideal location for your data centre, the next step is to decide on its size. Remember that larger buildings will require more funds. However, smaller ones may not fit your needs. Therefore, the difficulty lies in anticipating your needs in, for example, five or ten years. You shouldn’t be building a data centre using your present data as its basis. You should be ready for significant changes in the future by allocating space to fit more server racks.

Fortunately, your data centre builder should be able to assist with the ideal size for your building. However, ensure that you are talking to a professional with adequate knowledge and experience. Otherwise, you might receive the wrong pieces of advice.

3. How many data centres do I need?


However, you may want to construct multiple data centres for reasons, such as various office locations or reduce electricity expenses. Do keep in mind that the cost of creating these buildings can make a significant impact on your company. In fact, if you push through with this plan without careful consideration, you can go bankrupt due to the construction price and the necessary upkeep.

Therefore, your data centre consultancy partner should be able to assess if your organisation can work with one data centre. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend on unnecessary projects. Additionally, if you predict that you will need another server building, see if you can reach it within a realistic timeframe. Otherwise, you might be investing in things you don’t need.

4. How much energy does a data centre need?

Aside from the expensive construction cost of building a data centre, you also need to worry about its upkeep. Inside are server racks which contain, process, and distribute valuable data. Some of these holds sensitive information, which can have a significant impact on the company’s reputation upon deletion or leakage.

Therefore, you must get an estimate from your data centre construction company regarding the possible monthly power consumption of the building. You would need to determine how much your server racks, cooling equipment, and security systems would take to ensure they remain operational. Remember that you cannot afford to let your data centre run out of power, especially without prior notice, as it will affect employee productivity.



Constructing a data centre is necessary for companies that hold plenty of valuable data. Having a dedicated server room or building ensures this information stays safe. After all, data corruption or leakage can affect the company’s reputation.

However, it isn’t cheap to build a data centre. You would need to allocate a sizeable budget to cover everything, including the construction of the establishment, acquisition of server racks, setting up of cooling equipment, and installation of relevant security systems.

Asking questions to your data centre consultancy allows you to gain information regarding building a data centre. Without them, you are at risk of making several mistakes, some of which could have severe consequences. Therefore, here is a quick recap of the four questions tackled in this article.

The first question involves determining the ideal location of your data centre. This factor is essential as your cooling system relies on having adequate space. Otherwise, you may be unable to install the necessary equipment capable of maintaining the temperature of your server rooms.

Second, you should ask about the size of your data centre. Remember that bigger is more expensive. However, smaller may not be enough to handle your data files.

Third, you want to know if one data centre is enough for your company and if it can handle future additions.

Last, determine the possible energy consumption of your data centre.

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