5 Ways To Look For A Good Criminal Lawyer In Singapore  


Have you ever wondered what happens to people who were put in jail but proven innocent? Months or years of their lives were inside the prison, somewhere they did not belong. They got labelled criminals because they served time inside, even if they did not deserve it. All these are proof that if there is justice, injustice also exists. You already feel hurt just by thinking about them, so do not let it happen to you or anyone you love by searching for a criminal lawyer in Singapore.


Looking for a criminal lawyer in Singapore can be easy and challenging, depending on how you find them. There are various ways to encounter one, but ensure that you can live up to your option. Prepare the things you would need for the case because it is what the attorney would check first. But to help you, here are some tips you can do:



Your family and friends are the ones who can help you if you have a problem. You can ask them questions that need an answer from different people. If something is going on in your life, they are the ones you can call for help. They will always be there for you, even in bad times. So if you need a criminal lawyer for yourself or other people, do not hesitate to ask them.


Aside from your family and friends, you can also ask your workmate. If they know a lawyer, they can tell you about them. Since it is from someone you trust, you can guarantee that the attorney they refer also deserves the trust you will give them. But, it is okay to experience and feel doubts with people you meet for the first time.


If asking for help from family, friends, and workmates is one of your options, you may also use the internet to learn about lawyers. Open your browser and look for a criminal law firm in Singapore. But before contacting them, you must check various factors to ensure they are worth your trust. To help you check the law firm, look for the following on their website:

  • Company Name – you will see this on the home page. Just by the name, you can already judge if they are someone you can trust.
  • Company Background – checking this on their website is necessary. It is where you will see how the firm started and how they have been progressing in the industry.
  • Services Offered – checking this factor can help you know more about the firm and the people working there. Aside from providing experienced lawyers, what else can they offer their clients?
  • Areas of Expertise – they also have specialities, like doctors. So to help you focus on the case, look for an attorney already an expert in your concern.
  • Client Reviews – knowing what others say about the company impacts your decision. And you can get the sentiments you want to know by checking this section.
  • Contact Number – having this information can make communication easy. But aside from the contact number, you should also include the email address.
  • Office Address – if communicating online is not what you are good at, visiting them in their office is your option. Check the office address on the website and see how long the drive will be from your home to the office.

Checking these things in a criminal law firm can help you spot someone known in the industry. And to build trust between two parties, being truthful is necessary. Provide evidence and documents so they can look into your case further.



If you still cannot find someone after searching the internet, open your television or smartphone to check the news. Look for people with similar cases, and know the lawyer they hired. Once you check about the lawyer, see the firm they are working at, then contact them.


Ask the lawyer you know if their expertise applies to your case. If not, ask them if they can refer someone that knows the problem. Since they are in the same industry, they will refer you to an attorney. Ensure you ask about a criminal lawyer to help you focus on the case.

You will see various ways to find a lawyer, and these five are only some of them. Use these tips to look for an attorney you can trust with the case, especially if it is sensitive. Trust between you and the lawyer is necessary to ensure your legal action will get attention. Do the same if you need to file a Personal Protection Order in Singapore.


Now that you understand how to find a criminal lawyer in Singapore, you must also know how you will do in your meeting. Creating an impression is necessary, considering that you need the help of a professional. Always remember that they are the ones who can give a clearer view of your case, so do not forget to do the following:


  • PREPARE EVIDENCE and present it to the lawyer. It will be the basis for what they will say about the case. Ensure that it is complete to avoid confusion.
  • BRING THE DOCUMENTS NEEDED. The ones you will bring depends on the case.
  • DRESS PROPERLY to create an impression. You are meeting with a professional, so ensure that you also look and act discreetly.
  • BE PROFESSIONAL when talking to your lawyer. Answer their questions straightforwardly and avoid leading them in different directions.
  • TELL THE TRUTH to your lawyer because it is your foundation to create a good relationship with them. It will also make them think about the defences you will have in court.

Many people say that justice is only for the rich. Sadly, lots have already proved that it is true. But, you will encounter solutions to ensure that the law is fair to all, and one is through searching for criminal lawyers. Aspect Law Chambers is the one you can trust if you are looking for an attorney. Visit their website if you also need a probate lawyer in Singapore.

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