A Cosy Coffee Shop: How to Build Your Café Business


Coffee shops are like a sanctuary inside a bustling city. When entering a coffee shop, it’s like you’ve been transformed into a new world. The atmosphere suddenly changes; the music becomes relaxing, the people are less tense, and everyone seems to focus on their schedule. Inside the shop, you’ll feel like the time has slowed in the meantime. Minutes passed slower than usual, and hours felt longer. Due to these atmospheric vibes, many people like to spend their time alone or with friends and family in a coffee shop. That’s why starting a coffee shop business is a good idea. Make sure you find cafe equipment in Singapore to make your coffee shop fully functional.

You can even see this in K-dramas. Frequently, they would shoot inside an aesthetic coffee shop and include it in an episode. Watch this scene from The Beauty Inside that features an aesthetic coffee shop. It gives off a calm ambience where people can relax and forget the busy life outside.

Due to the popularity of K-dramas, people would want to find a place where they can also take a break from their busy lives. As a business owner, you can take this opportunity to build your coffee shop with a bakery equipment supplier in Singapore. Now, continue reading this article to know how you can open a café.

How to Start a Coffee Shop Business

If you’re an employee of a company and want to venture into business, starting a coffee shop may be a good option. You can start small with a few menu options in a secluded place. People love going to coffee shops to take a break from their life wherever they go. All you have to do is make a plan and find partnerships like a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore.

As you read this article preparing for your business, better listen to this playlist to get you into the mood.

1) Research About the Coffee Business Industry

Before curating your plan, you need to research more about the coffee business industry in your local area. Get to know where your competitors are located. Find possible partnerships, including the bakery equipment supplier in Singapore. You can also check the location site where you plan to build your business if it’s accessible for most people. You can also study coffee shops’ sales and financial growth in your local area.

You can also research more about the things to consider before going into this business. For instance, you need to hire baristas and allocate your staffing budget. For sure, there are more things to learn, and once you get all the information you need, you can now start a plan and execute them properly.

2) Learn About Your Target Customers

Although cafés are for everyone, you still need to learn more about your target customers. Are they students, busy professionals or perhaps some retirees who want to enjoy life? If your target audience is students, you can offer more affordable menus that apply to teenagers, like milkshakes, juice, and pastries. You can brew some coffees for professionals because they need to be awake to get the job done. And so, you need to find cafe equipment in Singapore.

And for retirees, you can offer them calming tea and light meals so they can enjoy their stay without compromising their health. Regardless of your customers, you also need to pick some music that will be appropriate for all ages. You can choose jazz and instrumental in improving the ambience.

3) List Down Your Visions

As you build your coffee shop, you must also stick to your vision. What is the purpose of your business? For instance, some restaurants hire working students to help with daily expenses. Or perhaps, you can also hire PWDs to work in your shop. As you stick with your vision, you can even allow other people. The idea is more about your goal, but you can also focus on the physical aspects.

The physical aspect of your business includes interior design, furniture arrangement, and colours. Envision this, execute the plan well, and see how it can improve your business. You can also look for cafe and kitchen equipment in Singapore to make this vision a reality.

4) Create a Business Plan

Now that you have a plan for your vision, you also need to get into more details about your business to keep the operation conditions. For this reason, you need to create a business plan that will help you track your progress and get all the required information. If you need help, here’s what a business plan should look like:

  • Create an executive summary
  • Write Your business goals
  • Include the description of your product or service
  • The results of your market research
  • An overview of your marketing plan
  • Financial analysis
  • List of improvements
  • List down partnerships, including the bakery equipment supplier in Singapore.

After creating your business plan, you’ll be able to track your business performance and ensure you’re doing a good job. After all, handling a cafe is not just about sitting at the cashier. You must also check your stocks, safety, health regulations, etc.

5) Pick a Feasible Location

Most importantly, you must pick a feasible location where it can be accessible to your customers. It can be inside a mall, near a school, or beside public parks. This way, people can quickly get to your coffee shop. You can also find a place where people can quickly get a thorough commute by car. Make sure there is a parking lot so people with cars can have a place to stay. Besides this, you can also ensure that the area is in a safe neighbourhood.

When picking a location, you can also find a place where you are near a kitchen equipment supplier in Singapore. This way, it would be easy to process a transaction with them and prevent more conflicts.


Start your coffee shop business with Bakers & Chefs, a bakery equipment supplier in Singapore. You can also visit their website to check more of their kitchen equipment.

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