Singapore Electric Car Charging Point:  Dos and Don’ts

As a first-time electrical vehicle driver, I have learned the basic EV charging points rule the hard way. That is what happens if you don’t study electric cars and the charging process thoroughly. To spare you from embarrassment, here are the dos and don’ts of a Singapore electric car charging point:

DO plan your charge.

One grave mistake I am guilty of is not planning my charge. There are times I don’t charge my car the night before my long-distance travel. It results in taking a detour to EV charging points in the middle of my drive, which delays my journey. There are also times when I charge the vehicle overnight even if I don’t need to. It is also not good to overcharge your car because it speeds up the wearing off of the batteries.

DON’T overcharge your electric car.

Speaking of overcharging, did you know it is not advisable to charge your cars up to 100%? It is something I read in the articles online. Most electric cars use lithium-ion batteries. When you charge your vehicle beyond the limits, it speeds up the degeneration of your car batteries, similar to smartphone batteries. What I do is charge my car up to 80% before unplugging the EV charger. When I don’t have to travel long-distance, I power up my car up to 50%.

DO avoid the quick charge.

Electric car chargers have typical speed chargers to fast chargers. It is tempting to always use the fast-charging feature since it is convenient. But I suggest avoiding it as much as possible. Fast charging speeds up the degeneration of the batteries of your car. When it happens, your batteries will not be as efficient as before. They are quick to drain and have shorter longevity. The key is to determine the suitable charging speed for your vehicle. For example, Japanese-made electric cars, such as Nissan and Mitsubishi, need an average charging speed. Meanwhile, higher-end brands, including Porsche, require high-speed and powerful chargers. It is helpful to read your car’s manual before determining the suitable charging speed for your EV.

DON’T unplug another vehicle.

How would you feel your EV has been unplugged from EV charging points without your knowledge? You would go ballistic, right? Avoid doing it to other drivers, too. The key is to find an unoccupied EV charger. There are mobile applications that show the drivers unoccupied EV charging points where they can go to recharge their vehicles.

DO always check for charging points before your journey.

Planning is crucial when you are travelling with an EV. What if the only EV charging point you know is out of order? You are stuck with your low-battery car. Before your journey, keep a tab on available charging stations on your route or near its proximity. They become your plan B if your primary charging stations are unavailable or out of order. These are my tips for my co-EV drivers. I hope these help with your driving journey and avoid embarrassment. Are you looking for EV charging points? Visit SP Mobility for more information.

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