4 Cash-Free Ways To Support A Charity Organisation In Singapore


Singaporeans are known for their charitability. In 2018, a British organisation called Charities Aid Foundation or CAF included the city-state in their list of ten most generous countries throughout the globe due to its kindness and hospitality. From helping their neighbours get over a financial crisis to making a tax relief donation to Singapore organisations, Lion City locals do not think twice about helping those in need.

However, not everyone is keen on assisting non-profit groups due to financial constraints. Numerous Singaporeans think supporting a charity organisation means spending their hard-earned money, which they can use to look after themselves and their loved ones.

But believe it or not, you do not need to spend anything to offer help to organisations and their beneficiaries. All you need is your passion and dedication to assisting those in need. Scroll through to learn how to support your chosen charity organisation in Singapore without giving money

1. Donate Your Time And Skills

It may seem unbelievable, but making a tax relief donation is not the only way to support an organisation. You can volunteer your time and abilities to make their programmes possible. You can help them host fundraising events, organise seminars, or create and sell products whose proceeds will fund a specific activity.

2. Turn Your Birthday Gifts Into Donations

Instead of accepting tangible presents from your friends and family on your upcoming birthday, you can ask them to give money to your chosen charity to help it raise funds. You can also use a third-party crowdfunding platform in Singapore to create a pool of donations before sending it to your preferred group.

3. Tell Your Loved Ones About The Charity

Introducing a charity organisation to your friends, family, and colleagues is one of the best things you can do for the group and its beneficiaries. If more people know about them and their causes, they can reach their goals quicker and offer help to more individuals.

4. Ask Your Employer To Support The Organisation

Many companies host corporate social responsibility or CSR activities in Singapore now and then. If your employer plans to give back or become involved in their surrounding communities, you can ask them to engage in charity work by supporting your chosen organisation.

Singapore Children’s Society is a charity organisation in Singapore that can appreciate any form of assistance you can offer—whether it involves monetary donations or not.Check out their website to learn about their causes and how you can support them.

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