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cities known in the world. Moreover, it is a vibrant city and booming economy and a vast range from migrating here for work opportunities never flunks to attract workers from around the globe. Whether you are thinking to stay in this South-East Asian gem for continuing higher studies, to start your own business, or to find a job, the nation holds great appeal. Several people see this region as an Asian base to draw skills and knowledge with a large count of global companies having their roots in the city of Singapore.

If you are also planning to migrate to Singapore for work purposes, then a work visa is the most appropriate Visa Singapore for you.

Work pass and immigration

  • What is a work visa in Singapore?

A work visa is also known as a work pass in Singapore. It is a work permit that allows foreign nationals to work in Singapore for a specific period. All foreign nationals are needed to have a work pass or a work permit to take up employment in Singapore.

  • Eligibility

To be competent for the work pass and immigration in Singapore, the applicant must follow the following criteria-

  • The person must have a valid passport.
  • His age should be above 18 years of age. For Malaysians, the age limit of the applicants is a maximum of 58 years old and for non- Malaysian, it is 50 years.
  • A person can work only with a scope of job mentioned in their specific work permits and they are not allowed to exceed the mentioned time limit. Furthermore, without having a work permit, running your own business is illegal and can lead you to prison.
  • Types of work visa in Singapore

There are various types of work visas in Singapore for all the people who look at Singapore as their future job destination. The type of visa depends on the type of work you apply for. Here are the widely used and most common sorts of visas issued-

  1. Entre pass-

This work permit is issued to foreign entrepreneurs who want to come here with a wish to start their business venture. If you also fall in this criterion, then there’s a plus point for you. Tim Cole has great experience in Company Incorporation service and hence, it can provide enormous assistance in placing up your business in Singapore.

  1. Employment Pass-

This permit is especially for foreign managers, professional, and people sitting on executive levels that have an income above $3,600 and has the required qualifications.

  1. Personalized employment pass-

As compared to an employment pass, this work permit gives you more flexibility to work and is issued to only those people who earn a higher salary.

  1. S-pass-

If you are a mid-level skilled worker, then you can surely get this permit. For example, if you are looking forward to applying for this pass, you must have an earning of at least S$2,200 per month and compulsorily meet the assessment criteria.

  1. Miscellaneous Pass-

This is a visa type issued to foreign nationals working in Singapore for a short span basis.

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