Should You Consider Setting Up Your Business In The DMCC Free Zone?


When it comes to modern trade establishments, Dubai Multi Community Centre (DMCC) is one of the first names that come to mind. It is one of the largest and fastest developing free zones in Jumeirah Lake Towers in the United Arab Emirates. It has created a compliance system that guarantees all DMCC operations agree to all laws, best practices and controls. 

This commodity centre was first founded in 2002 by Dubai’s government. It was an effort to offer a physical market and financial growth possibilities to trade establishments. Here you can trade precious products like diamonds, gold, coloured stones and many more.

 It is also commonly known as a gateway to trade since it helps local companies set up a global market. However, if you are trying to set up your business here, there are some important things you must know that can benefit you. This article tells you about the same and makes sure that you can make the most of your trading efforts. 


  • Multi Packages:


DMCC offers virtual, flexi, lasting and communal office arrangements, each with its own set of benefits. If you are running a business that requires an office within Dubai but has no requirement for physical office space, the virtual bundle is apt for you. 

On the other hand, if you think you might require a physical office space occasionally, but not on a regular basis, choosing the flexi-desk bundle might be fit. It is apt for the charge and offers business people with a number of commercial administrations like call screening, work area space, a conference room and much more. 

With both communal and lasting bundles, you can avail of office space in the Jumeirah Lake Tower area. There you can make use of the striking waterfront, top-notch eateries, offices and lodging options. 


  • Easy Registration:


Setting up a business in Dubai can be quite a task. Starting from complying with the set of rules and regulations, you have to keep a certain number of essential things in mind. However, that is not true for DMCC. 

The government has ensured that no matter the type of business you run or your trade practices, it is easy for you to set up your business here. You can complete the preliminary application process online. 

Only once you have finished the process and signed the specified form will you be asked to meet with the free zone authorities. Once all the necessary processes are complete, your business should be up and running within a fortnight. 

To Sum Up

These are only two of the several ways the Dubai government has ensured setting up a business in the DMCC free zone is easy for anyone. There are no hidden processes or loopholes, and the process is quite simple and straightforward. 

However, if you still find the process confusing, you can always seek professional help from agencies that can help you set up the business. They will take care of all the vital things and also guide you through the whole process. 


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