Why First Card Payments is Ideal for Adult Themed Businesses


It is understandable that if you are in the adult entertainment industry, you will come across some challenges in processing customer payments. That is because a lot of companies avoid adult merchant accounts due to the fact that they are considered a high-risk industry.

This includes payment services open for adult sites, dating sites, e-commerce stores selling adult toys, escort services, and webcam sites.

Payment processing solutions for adult themed businesses

The splurge of so many diverse services and content types on the Internet has also increased the need for merchant processors to cater to a variety of merchant accounts including adult-themed businesses.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, adult-themed businesses still influenced how the Internet evolved where businesses need to generate revenues by migrating their main services to the Web. Such would include but not be limited to webcam streams and virtual reality shows just to keep the business.

With so many people losing their jobs at that time, a lot of them have turned to streaming sites that support their business while avoiding exposure to the virus. So money is still the medium amid so many endeavors.

Thus, it only made perfect sense for big names in the industry, performers, and small businesses to select the best payment processor for adult sites.

First Card Payments for adult themed business

You should know that there are merchant processors that approve just about any business despite being on their prohibited list. This is a common mistake that many first-time adult industry merchants make only to find that their funds have been frozen and eventually terminated a few days later.

The problem is that they don’t pre-underwrite the files which keeps your business unnoticeable for the first week or so. So the moment they find out about your adult themed business, your funds will automatically be held for at least 180 days. This is when First Card Payments get into the picture.

First Card Payments provide fast approval for adult merchant accounts such as the following.

  • Adult bookstore and magazine
  • Adult content and memberships
  • Adult ebooks
  • Adult toys and novelties
  • Dating sites
  • Escort services
  • Strip clubs

Among the most challenging obstacles for high risk businesses are opening an adult merchant account. This is essential for merchant accounts to be able to accept payments from customers and clients.

Why choose First Card Payments for your high risk merchant account

First Card Payments is a reputable payment processing company with more than 20 years of experience and more than 30 relationships with ISOs and banks. Thus, the company accepts all credit levels in the adult entertainment industry as far as high-risk industries go which is the easiest to get approved quickly.

The common benefits that adult merchant accounts can get from First Card Payments include the following.

  • Better fees – Get up to 25 percent off on your current fees; offers no cancellation fees or early termination fees.
  • Better service – Accepts all credit levels and bad credit; provides a consultant.
  • Better quality – Mitigate and fix chargebacks; provides a customized processing gateway.
  • Better relationships – Take advantage of the relationships and networks from First Card Payments.

You can still get approved with your high risk merchant account and fast with First Card Payments which is quite ideal for adult-themed businesses.

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