Why Do People Buy Luxury Bags? – The Secrets Of Wanting High-End Bags


Who doesn’t like luxury bags? There are numerous famous brands and bag manufacturers producing quality, stylish, comfortable and long-lasting bags for the market. Some brands aim to design for the entry-level market, and most startups find themselves inspired by the current bag trends.

Why Do People Buy Luxury Bags?

What makes luxury bags different from other accessory lines in the market is not just their ‘perfect’ look and premium feel. Many people are drawing themselves to the expensive high-end accessory because of their desire to highlight their status. It also provides them with a stronger sense of accomplishment and a physical representation of their life. Nonetheless, the concept of luxury bags or high-end designer bags is often subjective in nature.

Here are a few influencing factors or ‘secrets’ that we can examine further:


Luxury bags often deliver a sense of satisfaction to buyers. There are many reasons why people may invest in inexpensive goods, such as investments or providing mood boosters. We have a natural inclination to reward ourselves with what we deeply desire to increase our self-esteem and bring meaning to what we do.

Satisfaction is the measurement we often tend to use on how well something affects us on a positive note. Especially when buying goods, we seek a positive experience that can uplift our mood and spirit.

Uniqueness and individuality

Perhaps what most luxury bags offer that many ordinary bags don’t is their distinctiveness or uniqueness. If you have an intention to purchase expensive handbags for women, it’s our tendency to look for something that is one-of-a-kind. We dislike things that share commonality with others because we dare to make ourselves different and stand apart from the rest. You don’t want to bump into someone wearing the same Prada or bag that you are wearing.

Our ego yearns for something that can help create our own identity, and most luxury bags are exclusive in nature. We also have the natural tendency to be the first in the community to own highly-demand products, especially in fashion. After all, the bigger the demand for something, the more it becomes valuable in the market and in our eyes.


Whether you’re buying a womens travel bag or a satchel bag, we want to get something more or on par with what we’re paying for the item. When we desire something luxurious or high-end in the market, we convince ourselves that we’re paying for the top quality. Often, it is one of the common reasoning or rationalising for a few consumers who are avid fans of buying high-end goods.

We often like to think that the quality and standard for luxurious items are more multifold than any ‘ordinary’ item. We hear words that signify true craftsmanship (especially in bags) are in a thousand dollars worth of product. Our perception is biassed toward it since we seek strong justification that the higher the value, the better the quality.

Social rivalry

For some people, fashion makes a lot of sense when there’s a rivalry between others. Rivalry is the fuel that we resort to, and luxury bags and other fashion accessories are the refugees of a person in such a state of mind. The ‘mine is better than yours’ mentality feeds our inner desire to yearn for the best fashion arsenals for the closet.

Since we buy expensive items, we like to think that we earn the privilege and the confidence to showcase or flaunt our fortune in front of others.

Upgrade of lifestyle

There are a number of people who take ‘strong’ symbols in buying high-end, costly items as a mark of dramatic transition to their lifestyle. People have a nature to change to suit what is best for them. If one would perceive that buying luxury bags would mean providing the best you need for your daily fashion needs, then the justification for it has been warranted by that belief.

If your job allows you to purchase more higher-end goods, then there’s no doubt one might switch to buying more of them to match their lifestyle. It’s in the ‘identity’ we make for our lifestyle itself.


Some would like to consider that buying or collecting luxury bags is for the sake of investment. We are not pertaining to long-term investment that quality products provide for extensive daily usage. The context that we are implying here is the intention of a few people to collect them in return for a high resale value after years of waiting. It is mostly the case for limited edition high-end products.

Some people like to collect items. On the other hand, some do the same but are willing to let go for a higher cash exchange once the product value soars crazy high. If there are wine collectors and art collectors out there, then there’s no doubt that one can be an avid bag collector waiting for a high resale price in the future.


These influencing factors are one of the many reasons behind justifying luxury bags purchase. Each of us has different reasons, and in most cases, we generally like to have products that offer superior value and satisfaction.

With a number of high-end luxurious designer handbags for women online   (even for men), it’s much easier to find one. However, it can be an uphill battle when picking the best accessory that speaks to you and compliments your style and taste.

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