What’s the Best Time of Year to Solution Your Air Conditioning System?


Professionals suggest servicing your house cooling yearly. The same goes for heating. Spring is the best time. Nonetheless, to guarantee your system continues to function successfully, you need to do some “housekeeping” often. Should your regular maintenance involve licensed contractors or can you DIY? Keep reading to learn!

Ways to Service Your Air Conditioner Yourself

Luckily, you don’t always need an expert to service your AC unit. There are a couple of points you can do it yourself prior to calling a specialist.

Adjust the Air Filter

Amongst the most important and simplest methods to preserve your device is to change the air filter. You do not require an expert; just locate your system’s filter slot, slide out the old filter as well as insert the new one, making note of the direction of the air circulation and which side of the filter requires to deal with. Make sure to refer to your device’s supplier’s instructions for appropriate filter dimensions, as well as steps for effectively changing the filter.

Do a Little Spring Cleaning

The new filter remains in, so it’s time to inspect a couple of more items off your list. First, ensure all the indoor vents are tidy. Next off, put a mug of bleach blended with water down the drainpipe of the outdoor unit to stop mold as well as algae accumulation. After that, guarantee the device:

  • Is it on a plain surface area?
  • Doesn’t have any type of particles, such as plant pollen, leaves, as well as twigs, obstructing it up?
  • Has at least 2 feet of clearance around it?
  • Has the appropriate quantity of quality insulation around the cooling agent lines?

Examine Your AC’s Performance

After you’ve analyzed the outdoor look of the air conditioning system, it’s time to evaluate its performance. Figure out if your residence is getting cooler if the system is quite as well as if it appears to be executing generally. Note: The first time you turn on your residence cooling, you may discover a smell. That’s merely the air conditioning unit’s method of cleaning out the dirt that might have settled since the last time you ran the system. It ought to dissipate soon.

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