What are the Different Types of Hackers Who can Potentially Ruin the Business?


The cybersecurity over the period has come across a long way of encountering different types of hackings as well as different types of hackers, based on the types of the nature of hackings. However, when we talk about the hackers, two basic types of hackers come into the picture, one is the white hat hackers or in other words the hackers who do not have the intention of harming others and perform for the overall good of the cybersecurity, and the other is the hackers from the dark side or in other words, the hackers who conspire to steal data, information and money from businesses and organizations as well as individuals. On the other hand, the hackers can be categorised in many different kinds of categories based on their skills, plans and motives. The hackers based on their operations are normally named with different colours of hats such as a black hat, white hat, grey hat, blue hat, red hat, green hat, and the script kiddie which neither has the name of colour nor a hat but still can cause damage.

The black hat and white hat hackers are opposite to each other and serve opposite intentions or motives and opposite operations. The basic intentions of black hat hackers are to get financial gain by breaking into the target businesses or financial institutions such as banks and steal money and important and sensitive information. They either profit out of directly stealing money from the victim or through ransom or by selling the information to the black market of black hat hackers. The black hat hackers are considered to be deadly in terms of causing damage and ruining the businesses. Their strategies and approaches of hacking can vary but they follow certain basic paths which can be effectively prevented. On the other hand, if a black hat hacker successfully hacks the intended targets, it can be disastrous for the business as well as for the customers.

On the other hand, the white hat hackers work with a progressive intention of helping the businesses by exploring vulnerabilities in their security systems and help them in the deadly battles between the cybersecurity and cyberbreach. The white hat hackers normally study and research how the black hat hackers perform security breaches and explore unnoticed vulnerabilities and the solutions to solve the problems before the black hat hackers find them. The white hat hackers usually go through a process of intensive education and certification and get qualified as a CEH or Certified Ethical Hacker.

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