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A buffet or sideboard cabinet offered in Singapore furniture is for holding ornate dishes, flatware, and linens. It can store everything you desire. It can also act as a platform for placing food trays.

Nevertheless, many individuals still get confused about buffet tables and sideboards. These are essentially interchangeable words. However, people refer to it as a buffet table when in the dining room. It becomes a sideboard when you put it in another room.

9 Tips for Styling Your Sideboards

Sideboards come in various designs and sizes. The selection ranges from classic mid-century originals to contemporary luxury furniture pieces. These excellent storage pieces are more than just functional: their enormous surface area allows them to be displayed. Here are nine ideas for styling the sideboard tables in your Singapore home.

#1 Create the Right Kind of Balance

You do not need to bookend your sideboard with matching lights or decorative pieces to achieve a sense of balance. Set the tone with artworks and link the various elements of your display with colour-matched accents. You can also use sconces to break up the arrangement on each side. Use your eyes to determine whether there is equal visual weight on either side and if there is diversity in height and form.

#2 Make the Most Out of the Tones

Make the most of the tones of the mid-century sideboard cabinet you bought at a Singapore vintage furniture store. Most mid-century items have earthy accent colours straight from the 1950s and 1960s. Combine the pieces with the bright-but-muted blues and blacks to create a uniquely mid-century palette. It highlights the individuality of each of your furniture and decorative items.

#3 Use the Sideboard Practically

Place the sideboard at the end of a dining table to make it ideal for storing plates and glasses. It may be tempting to exhibit only your best dishes and drinking glasses. However, regularly utilising your sideboard cabinet in your Singapore home lets you get its value. You can also create a gallery wall above your sideboard to integrate purpose and beauty. Carefully select colours and frames to maintain consistency and keep it from seeming too cluttered.

#4 Eclectic Does Not Have to be Untidy

You can choose a robust and rusting sideboard for a hectic and eclectic display instead of a console table in your Singapore home. You should meticulously select items that will add harmony to your arrangement. It is a neat approach for making your presentation appear polished. Even a single pair of symmetrical pieces may offer a more finished look.

#5 Choose a Theme

It is best to have a theme before buying luxury furniture pieces at Singapore stores. Sideboards can serve as a focal point for your room. The right furniture also quickly establishes the type of theme you had in mind.

#6 Highlight Your Art Pieces

Sideboards are ideal for displaying beautiful artefacts, attractive books, trendy light fixtures, and plants. You may, however, leave them naked to act as a mini-stage for art pieces. If you have a single prominent artwork or picture, do not be scared to keep things basic to maximise their impact.

#7 Keeping it Simple is also Acceptable

If you have shelves above your sideboard, keep the top of the sideboard table or the shelves minimally occupied. It avoids promoting visual competition. Placing books stacked on their sides is appealing and makes a fantastic display. However, select your colours carefully, and consider removing the paper covers.

#8 Aim for a Mirrored Effect

Place mirrors on top or behind the sideboard table of your Singapore home. It is best if your sideboard faces a vista of greenery or is perpendicular to garden-facing windows or doors. The mirrored effect may be stunning since the reflected foliage becomes part of your home.

#9 Add Life with Colourful Blooms

A fresh vase of flowers looks great on the sideboard. Make sure you have a variety of vases in all shapes and sizes. Make your blossoms a focal point of the arrangement. Flower arrangements are a terrific method to change up your sideboard display weekly. Using different flower designs produces varied moods. You can accomplish everything from bold and sculptural to gentle and rustic vibes with simple flower arrangements.


5 Rooms to Use Your Sideboard In

Sideboards are a great complement to practically any room in the house. This furniture piece is often in dining rooms. However, there are other ways to incorporate one into your home design. The following are five ideas on where you can put a sideboard cabinet in your Singapore home.

#1 The Dining Room

It is best to begin in its traditional location. Select a sideboard from the Singapore store with a rack to keep your favourite drinks close if you intend to use it in a dining room. It also saves storage space for wine bottles and results in a cleaner finish.

#2 The Kitchen

A sideboard will provide a functional storage solution in your kitchen. Select an attractive finish that can complement any space with its natural marks.

#3 Your Office

A sideboard with drawers may be valuable in the office. Placing a sideboard cabinet in your Singapore home office can help keep your space decluttered. It can improve your thinking space and encourage productivity.

#4 The Living Room

Using a sideboard cabinet for your Singapore living room is an excellent way to showcase collections or souvenirs. You can also use the sideboard to store family games, movies, or glassware that you do not want to keep in your kitchen cupboards.

#5 The Bedroom for Your Kids

A sideboard may also be an excellent storage solution in the bedroom for your kids. They are frequently a more compact alternative than a chest of drawers for toys, books, and games.

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