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The twenty first century has ushered in numerous changes that have touched every aspect of our lives. The internet, computers and smartphones have revolutionized the way we live. Of course, every good thing comes with some undesirable traits. 

Many criminals have found ways to exploit the ease that the internet provides to worm their way into our personal devices and private accounts to steal our important data and extort us in many nefarious ways.

One such way that they employ, to achieve their goals is the Wi-Fi. Today thankfully we are able to access free Wi-Fi, at almost any public location, be it a park, a library or a shopping mall. This is one of the ways that these enterprises use to attract clients. 

But once you connect to these open networks, your device automatically becomes a target for the criminals who flock to these places, waiting for innocents to fall into their traps. It only takes a few seconds for them to hack into your device, and start stealing all your valuable data. Once they are done with your device, there is no going back. In this scary backdrop, many cyber security experts have advised the public to avoid connecting to these open networks, but this can be annoying since mobile data is not always dependable, and mobile data is quite expensive too.

Thankfully for us the app HACKUNA has been designed to protect us from these specific threats. It comes with a simple interface, where you are allowed to choose from either Dark mode or Light mode. On the Homepage you are shown a variety of options to keep you safe from numerous threats.

It is important to protect your WiFi from hackers. Not only that, you can use Android cleaners like Clean Master, NOX Cleaner, AVG Cleaner, etc. to remove malwares, junks, viruses and more for free. Those are called Android junk cleaners. You will find many free Android storage cleaners like Clean Mater app for free.

Features of Hackuna App

  • Wi-Fi Police: Helps you track hackers that may try to gain access to your device and gives you the option of blocking them. You can also track these hackers and find them and report them to the relevant authorities.
  • Wi-Fi Scanner
  • Inspector: allows you to scan your device to search for any already installed hacker tools or apps that may have maliciously latched onto your system.
  • Privacy Analyzer:  You can individually scan each app on your device to find any app that may be secretly spying on your activities, and recording you without your consent.
  • Hacker Games
  • Hacker News: Keeps you updated about the latest news with regards to the latest developments in the field of cyber security and new threats in the World Wide Web.

In addition to the above features, you are also provided with some extra stuff such as:

  • Tip of the Day: Gives you a daily tip to keep your device secure, such as how to avoid receiving spam mails.
  • Learn Security: Teaches you the basics of how to stay safe, and has lessons on a wide range of topics such as how to protect sensitive accounts and all you need to know on phishing.
  • Proof it works

Download Hackuna Apk

This app may not available for all Android phones via play store. Because app stores like play store have restrictions based on device type, Android version and region. You can use third-party Android app stores like AC Market to install this app for free. AC Market does not have any kind of restriction at all. You can install whatever the app you want for free using AC Market app store. You can try this AC Market Windows 11 on Windows 11 devices too. First download and install AC Market windows app and use it search to find this application.

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