Things Molded Pulp Packaging Can Do at Home


As a sustainable solution, Molded pulp packaging is made from processed natural fiber from paper, newsprint, cardboard, cartons, and other sources such as papyrus, bamboo, and sugarcane. The packaging is strong, durable, and recyclable. The base material used in making pulp packaging determines its color, texture, strength, and lifespan.

Perhaps, the best feature of pulp packaging is that it can be reused for different purposes. When consumers purchase goods such as kitchen equipment, food, and electronic parts, they keep the accompanying packaging. Many people discard them, but you can change that narrative by getting creative.

Here are a few things you can do at home with molded pulp packaging.

Store Fresh Eggs

Plastic egg crates are no longer in vogue. You can store fresh eggs in molded fiber crates longer than plastic containers permit. Eggs need air and low temperature to stay viable for an extended time. Molded fiber allows airflow, which lowers the temperature within the crate. Molded fiber crates can also absorb moisture, thus preserving the eggs from absorbing excess moisture.

Hold Sewing Stuff

An excellent compact fiber packaging can serve as storage for your sewing stuff. Buttons, needles, and threads can comfortably fit into the packaging. Now you know where to find extra control when you need one.

Hold Food

Sustainable development means that you can adopt a lifestyle that promotes the use of recyclable materials while reducing your demand for non-recyclable packaging. You can adopt recycled packaging to hold foodstuff in your kitchen.

Hold Toys

A simple molded pulp packaging can serve as storage for toys. Enclose the toy within the packaging and keep it in a safe place.

Cloth Hangers

Some fiber packaging is designed to be foldable into different shapes. For example, some packaging can be reshaped into clothing hangers. You can say goodbye to plastic and metal hangers as your fiber packaging collection increases.

As Wedges

You can also use fiber packaging as wedges to store items you don’t use often. For example, you can safely store pieces of china and silverware using fiber packaging to close the spaces between each item. Doing this reduces the risk of abrasion and possible mechanical damages.

Sustainable packaging can become a lifestyle. Determine to reuse any packaging that comes with newly purchased items, and soon, you’ll find that you have adopted the lifestyle. You’ll not only save money, but you’ll also have contributed a significant quota towards keeping the environment safe!

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