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Sampler’s Director of Customer Service, Christine Smith, told Modern Retail that although safety is a big issue, its users use it to find new products in the comfort of their homes. Social Nature, a digital sampling company site that provides users with product coupons in exchange for reviews, indicates that CPG brands are becoming more and more interested. For example, Social Nature users who are interested in getting keto foods can only get coupons for keto-friendly foods. In exchange for rewards, users receive the products they want to try and provide detailed reports on specific brands.    

A study found that the purchase ratio of consumer product brands that provide free samples is significantly higher than that of brands that do not provide free samples. Free samples are a great way to break this association and at the same time encourage shoppers to try new products (they will pay the full price). With every order, we offer one-time samples of our most popular products. In return, consumers receive three to five free samples, which can then be evaluated and reviewed within weeks of receiving.    

Some online providers like Social Nature, Sampler, PinchMe, and Sample Source offer samples to customers at home in exchange for information to share with brands. Offering product samples to potential consumers is beneficial as it increases their visibility, gives consumers an idea of ​​what the future holds, and allows them to be confident in their purchases. By offering product samples, you can quickly gain visibility and allow consumers to familiarize themselves with your product even before it launches. Samples help demonstrate product excellence and encourage potential customers to try new products.    

The goal of any sampling activity is to increase product awareness and demand, while at the same time receiving direct marketing information from the sampling process. The best product sampling company will work with your on-site and off-site teams to create the best consumer exposure plan through sampling. In the new digital age, a powerful sample company and its consumer product activities can attract consumers’ attention through detailed samples on an online platform. Traditional product sampling companies and their methods, such as grocery store event launches, pop-up windows, and direct mail, are the goal of CPG brands to provide their products to as many consumers as possible.    

This is understandable if you are a luxury yacht manufacturer, the product selection may not match your product, but there are still dozens of brands, especially in the FMCG industries, that can benefit immensely from product selection if they choose to use them. This is just one of the many benefits of sampling mostly unrecognized products. Another is that the modern consumer wants to try before buying. Again, this supports the efficiency of product sampling: by allowing the consumer to use the product, we reduce customer uncertainty and hence anxiety about their purchasing decision. This may explain why 81% of consumers said they would try a product after receiving a sample, according to a survey by Opinion Research Corp. on behalf of the United States Postal Service.    

Physically delivering your product to consumers and inviting them to try it while actively interacting with them face-to-face is a proven means of increasing sales and changing consumer behavior. The sales are great, but I understand that brands can have many reasons for using personal marketing activities – the conversion rate of a sample of products is not always measured by sales. So keep sending customers the latest product information, selective strategies, exciting events, and discount data to get them involved. Even if you’re not turning samplers into paying customers, offering free samples is a great way to gather feedback from those who have tried a miniature version of your product.    

You also put a sample of the product in the hands of a potential online buyer, even if you can’t shrink it by giving a full-size product as a sample for a limited time. This strategy is an effective resource to help brands quickly submit samples locally and globally. Plus, a wider range of customers can easily access your products.    

Specifically, they need to recognize true target customers and why your business is using this sampling distribution strategy in or near stores. In addition, you must train your employees to be clear about your products, especially the ingredients, the unique flavor, the value of your brands, and the benefits consumers will receive after they try the products. Adopting an effective beverage sampling strategy will affect your brand, your products, and your customers in different ways.    

These 6 modern methods offer distinct benefits in several ways, including target customers, brands, and products. We hope you have successfully expanded your brand with this selective marketing strategy brief. To find out how Sonas Marketing can target your next product sampling campaign, from targeting consumer identification to increasing brand awareness, contact us for more information. You are part of a select group of buyers who are invited to share their honest opinions of the various brands that work with us.    

STANLEY (r) Sampling Community is a program designed by STANLEY (r) to put some of their new products in your hands in exchange for your honest feedback. The Hanes Sampling Program is a new program developed by Hanesbrands Inc. to put some of its new products in your hands in exchange for your honest feedback. The BUXOM Cosmetics Sampling Program is a recently launched initiative developed by BUXOM to get your hands on some of our newest and best-selling products in exchange for your honest feedback.    

Key Points Companies use market research to test the feasibility of creating new products or services by communicating directly with potential customers. Marketing research enables companies to discover target markets and obtain opinions and other consumer feedback on their interest in products or services. Many companies use market research to test new products or obtain information from consumers about the types of products or services they need and do not currently have. For example, a company that is considering starting a business may conduct market research to test the feasibility of its product or service. Instead, it would be better if you consider running a pre-launch product sampling campaign to gather valuable feedback from your target consumers. Meanwhile, buyers must continually evaluate and revise their products to receive new ones.    

Product sampling company is a great way to solve this problem, and it allows any new business to get good reviews from their customer base. Product sampling companies need to carefully balance the service experience and sales experience to ensure that customers like your brand instead of enjoying the short-term hype of freeing their hands. Finally, some products are simply not suitable for in-store sampling, and this is where companies with multiple marketing strategies can play the most role. On the contrary, sample communities and product tests provide free things that are larger, more valuable, and often harder to obtain for free. 


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