The Rising Cost Of Car Repairs In America And How Veritas Global Protection Is Helping With Affordable Auto Protection Plans


Are you a car enthusiast trying to have a grip on your car repair costs or are simply trying to figure out whether to buy auto protection plans such as car warranty or vehicle service contract? In today’s world where public transport is no longer tenable because people are now finding it a necessity rather than a luxury to own a vehicle because of the convenience and the reduced cost of running their errands. However, the cost of car repairs in the U.S is becoming increasingly difficult for many average American’s to meet.

The tough economic situation due to coronavirus has made it even tougher for people to maintain or repair their cars when the need arises. Owning and running a car is undoubtedly costly today than you might have imagined at the time when you bought your car. It is estimated that for every mile driven, it will cost approximately 9 cents to maintain or repair, a report by AAA says. The average repair costs can run from $500 to $600 or more, which means car owners should be prepared to dip deeper into their pockets to finance their car repair bills.

If you are finding it difficult to set aside such amounts of money towards your car repairs, you are not alone. A survey conducted in January 2020 by Bankrate established more than 40 percent of Americans went into using their savings to cater for the emergency car repair costs. Because of these terrifying statistics, many people are now forced to explore the option of taking a warranty. Of course, this is the purpose for which warranty plans are designed.  However, you will need to ensure your auto warranty is active for it to help you [pay for any car repairs.

What a Vehicle Service Contract by Veritas Global Protection Covers

Car service contracts (VSC’s)are designed to cover and pay for any repairs arising from poor maintenance, wear, tear, and mechanical failures. However, cosmetic damages to your car won’t be covered under a vehicle service contract. Typically, a VSC is usually comprehensive and is expected to provide coverage to myriad issues such as your car transmission, navigation, and air conditioning equipment. Here are some of the common car repair that your vehicle service contract is likely to cover:

How Car Service Contract Claims Work

Vehicle service contracts work almost the same way car insurance plans work. A car owner would be expected to file a claim and pay a deductible before repairs are authorized. At Veritas Global Protection, our plans are such that you have the freedom to choose from a list of highly experienced and reputable service providers to handle your car.  Where a car is already being covered by a warranty, you will find that the kind of protection a VSC delivers overlaps those of the warranty. Where applicable, the warranty will take care of the repairs and the car service contract will kick in when the warranty is unable to cover the specific repair. Veritas Auto Protection is flexible in the sense that it allows the clients to choose the repair shop of their choice. After the repairs are done, your carrier will pay for the services either upfront or through a predetermined plan.

While the cost of a service contract may seem to increase the cost of owning a car, this type of plan from Veritas Global Protection gives the car owner an opportunity to enjoy many benefits that obviously outdo the cost. This has the import of helping you save lots of bucks on both emergency and expected car repairs.

As a globally recognized company that specializes in delivering top-notch auto protection services such as extended warranties and vehicle service contracts across the U.S and in over 20 other countries, Veritas Global Protection boasts of its unparalleled customer service, quick claim processing, and a variety of services from which clients can choose those that address their individual needs. Established on the principle of helping car owners reduce the cost of owning a car through affordable warranties and other auto protection plans, Veritas Global Protection is helping a majority of Americans eliminate deductibles and significantly reduce the cost of unexpected car repairs.

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