Why Calibration Certificates Should Be Obtained From Your Thread Gauge Manufacturers?


Ordering your thread gauges from the right manufacturers will help you get the best quality inspection tools. You will never be able to compromise on the quality of the inspection tools you order. If you compromise on the quality, then the tool would render itself useless.

Thread gauge manufacturers deliver both standard sized thread gauges and also custom thread gauges. If you are ordering custom UNC thread gages you need to go one-step further in the sourcing process and obtain calibration certificates from your manufacturers.

Why do you need to obtain calibration certificate from your manufacturer? If it is custom thread gauge requirement, the specifications have to be matched 100% by the manufacturer. As a way of proving that your manufacturer has delivered exactly what you asked for when sourcing your thread gauges, calibration certificates should be demanded.

The calibration certificate should be issued by a third party service provider after inspecting the thread gauges manufactured. It would not make sense to get the calibration certificate from the manufacturer itself, as they cannot certify their own products. A neutral, third party agency needs to be engaged. Most of the manufacturers will issue third party calibration certificates on demand. Before placing the order you need to find out whether they can issue such a calibration certificate. As long as you make your requirements clear to your manufacturer, they will not have any issue in providing you with the required calibration certificate.

You may be required to pay an additional fee for third party calibration certificate. However, it is worth incurring such an expense because it will save you from unnecessary losses down the line. You will be able to confidently use your thread gauges knowing that they are suitable for inspecting your components.

The authenticity of the calibration certificate needs to be established. A calibration certificate is not just a piece of paper with the metrics on the thread gauge measurements. There is no point obtaining a certificate if you cannot rely on what the certificate says. When you select the most reliable company to handle your thread gauge requirements, they will have access to the best third party calibration certificate issuing companies. You need not have to doubt the authenticity of the certificate issued when dealing with reputed manufacturers. They would have spent a considerable number of years in building their reputation. They would certainly not do anything absurd to ruin their reputation. You need to therefore first select the most trusted manufacturers in the industry to have your thread gauge requirements met.

Once you have the best thread gauge manufacturers ready to handle your requirements, you can state your expectations on the calibration certificate. Most of the customers ask for such a certificate, so when you request for your calibration certificate, you are not placing any special request to your manufacturer. If they are not able to entertain your request then it is best to find a company that could provide you with third party calibration certificate.

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