Legal Help: 10 Duties of the Best Divorce Lawyer in Singapore  


Separation is a turning point in the lives of two previously married individuals, their children and other family members. If you are contemplating a divorce or if your spouse has recently decided to divorce you, you will likely need an excellent family lawyer in Singapore who will assist you with everything you require throughout the process.

If you have not yet hired a lawyer and do not know where to begin, continue reading to learn how an experienced divorce attorney can assist you during this challenging time and how you can find the best one.

1. Explain the grounds for divorce.

Every nation has established grounds for divorce that allow one spouse to petition the court for dissolution of the marriage. Adultery, cruel treatment, abuse, or imprisonment are fault-based divorce grounds. Additionally, all nations recognise no-fault divorce grounds. Nonetheless, some states require that the spouses live apart for a specified time before their courts can dissolve the marriage.

Defamation lawyers in Singapore can explain if there are any advantages to asking the court to dissolve the marriage based on fault. For instance, this could be significant when calculating alimony. Some couples just aren’t meant to be together. There may also have been a failure to comply with a legal requirement, such as filing the proper paperwork or correctly holding the ceremony. If you wonder whether or not an annulment is better than a divorce, a legal advisor can help you decide.

2. Keep track of marital assets.

A top criminal and divorce lawyer in Singapore will ensure that all assets are open to being divided between both parties. In numerous marriages, one partner may have handled the finances, and the other may be unaware of the debts and assets. A divorce attorney can assist in gathering records and locating assets and liabilities so that the divorce settlement properly accounts for these items.

3. Provide objective advice.

Divorce is an emotionally charged ordeal, but a divorce attorney can make it less so. So that you are less preoccupied with the dissolution of your marriage, they can talk to you about future-affecting factors, such as child support and custody. In addition, a divorce lawyer in Singapore can be an intermediary between you and your spouse. It is possible to avoid personal contact to make the process easier.

4. Modify existing child support.

The court cannot modify or change child support unless one of the parties requests a modification or change. Provide your provisions to the divorce lawyer in Singapore and request that he present them in court. Changes in child support may rise due to many factors, including medical problems, economic issues, and medical emergencies involving the child. Child support payments reset when support is changed.

5. Explain property division.

A divorce lawyer in Singapore can explain the treatment of property upon dissolution of marriage. Each spouse is permitted to bring their property into the union. A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may allow other spouses to accumulate assets separately. A divorce attorney can also explain whether the state follows the community property or equitable distribution model. This trait can impact the distribution of the marital estate.

6. Devise a debt repayment plan.

Managing family debt is more challenging than dividing assets. Both parties may be held legally liable for the joint debt. In many instances, however, only one spouse is held financially responsible for the debt. The best divorce lawyer in Singapore can help a spouse determine how to protect themselves from debt that should apply to the other partner.

7. Help set the terms for child custody.

If you and your partner have difficulty determining how custody should be handled, your defamation lawyers in Singapore can assist you. Ultimately, the primary concern here is the best interests of the children.

8. Settlement counselling.

Some divorces result in litigation where both parties fight for what they believe is theirs, but most are settled. Having a lawyer guide you through this process is a great way to maximise your settlement.

Your family lawyer in Singapore will advise you on your next course of action and provide crucial guidance regarding what you should request, what you can get away with, and what concessions you should accept to achieve your objectives. And without a lawyer, you may miss out on a great opportunity to conclude a lengthy and tedious legal battle in a way that is financially beneficial. An experienced attorney will also know when to reject a settlement if they believe your case against your spouse could result in a more favourable outcome.


9. Determine spousal support and other benefits.

A family lawyer in Singapore can help determine whether a spouse is entitled to or obligated to pay spousal support. And when spouses have vastly different incomes or when one spouse sacrificed their career to advance the other’s, spousal support may be ordered.

Additionally, a spouse may be entitled to a portion of the interest in the business operated by the other spouse. Some partners are only concerned with the immediate financial repercussions of divorce. However, spouses who have been married for ten years or more may be entitled to a portion of their spouse’s pension or Social Security income.

10. Appeal against previous mistakes in legal proceedings.

Everyone has the right to appeal if they believe erroneous legal proceedings harmed them. In addition to being rigorous and complex, the appeals process is time-sensitive. If filed within 30 days, it will be considered.

Branches of law exist. Certain domains are simple to comprehend. A decision is difficult to appeal. And to resolve the issue and achieve the desired results, a seasoned top criminal and divorce lawyer in Singapore is necessary. A lawyer has limited information before the first hearing. New information is hard to get. The lawyer looks for errors in old reports. Appeals in family law are difficult.

Divorce law is one of the most stressful areas of law to practise. Their presence is frequently unavoidable rather than voluntary. Consequently, if you are going through a divorce, there is no better way to increase your chances of success than to hire a qualified divorce attorney.

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