Hard Disk Degaussing: The Way To Data Protection And Privacy


Did you know why it hurts when you lose your phone or get stolen? It is not because your smartphone has cost you a fortune, but all the data in it is invaluable. Your social media accounts, online banking apps, email, and contacts are now in the hands of strangers. They can use whatever they want with the access. It is also the reason why companies hire shredding services in Singapore for their broken computers and laptops.

Deleting all your online accounts does not make your presence on the internet non-existent. It is the same with erasing all your files on your computers and hard and flash drives. Unfortunately, every command or action we do on our electronic devices, especially on the internet, leaves a digital footprint.

The digital footprint, also known as the electronic footprint, is the crumbs of data you leave on the internet. Whatever you do, whether you open your Instagram account or search for a red velvet cake recipe, you leave a trail of data that can be traced back to you.

A digital footprint can be as apparent as subscribing to apps and websites or as sneaky as accepting cookies that allow websites to track your online activity.

But why does digital footprint matter? Primarily because these footprints are permanent and traceable; you have no control over them. Moreover, your data can be used for fraud, illegal activities, and even against you when it gets into the wrong hands.

It is the reason why companies and organisations make sure to conduct hard disk degaussing with their old devices.

All You Need To Know About Hard Disk Drive Degaussing

No office on the face of the planet does not own a paper shredder. They shred sensitive files and documents beyond repair, so they can not be used for other things. Some burn these files to become impossibly irretrievable.

In this age, how could offices destroy information as offices turn digital and automation, scrapping paperwork? The key is hard disk drive degaussing.

What is a Hard Disk Drive?

Before we discuss the degaussing process and its importance, let us understand what a hard disk drive is.

The hard disk drive (HDD) is a device where you store your data. Your computers, laptops, and smartphones have HDDs. It is why you can create a document file and save it on your computer or download a photo from Facebook to your device.

Without HDD, you can’t save a file on your computer or download one from the internet to your device. Unless you have cloud storage, you cannot retain all the files you created once you exit the file and turn off your computer. You can’t even use your computer or smartphone at all since it needs a hard disk drive to install your device’s operating system.

Since HDD stores information, many companies conduct a hard disk degaussing to ensure all data stored in the drive is irretrievable.

What is Hard Disk Degaussing?

Hard disk degaussing is just like shredding sensitive documents in the office, only that they are done on a disk instead of papers. The purpose of HDD degaussing is to delete all the data permanently so it can’t be used for other pursuits.

Generally, destroying electronic data has three techniques: physical destruction, degaussing and overwriting.

A.) Physical destruction

There are multiple ways to destroy a hard disk drive physically beyond repair:

●     Shredding

The hard drive is fed to a machine that shreds it into pieces. Although this method is effective, the shredding process releases toxic contaminants from the hard drive. Additionally, shredding machines are expensive.

The good thing is that you don’t have to buy a shredding machine. You can hire third-partyshredding services in Singapore.

●     Disintegration

Disintegration is almost similar toshredding services in Singapore. Disintegrator machines have a knife milling process that destroys the hard drives into even smaller pieces.

Recycling services also use these machines to tear metals and other materials into tiny pieces.

●     Melting

Melting involves harmful chemicals poured onto the hard drive to melt and destroy its components.

Melting can also be the final stage of disintegration and shredding services in Singapore, where the bits and pieces of the hard drive are thrown into hot liquid metal.

B.) Degaussing

HDD degaussing is one of the most effective data sanitation methods in the world. This process includes the use of finely tuned magnets.

Hard drives use magnet principles to save and store data. Degaussing magnets alter the magnetic signature of the data using powerful magnetic force once they get in contact with the hard drive.

HDD degaussing uses an expensive machine that only a degausser is allowed to operate. An ordinary magnet cannot destroy data in a hard drive.

C.) Overwriting

Overwriting, also known as software or hard drive wipe, uses specialised software programmes to delete all data stored in the HDD securely.

Overwriting is different from deleting your files from the drive because the files are still retrievable. Software wipes overwrite all your data with a random one multiple times. It is like writing your name on a piece of paper and scribbling over it using different pens and markers until your name is impossible to read or recognise.


Why Do People Destroy Their Hard Disk Drives?

Why do people destroy their HDDs in the first place?

1.  Data protection

Stolen data can be used in frauds, identity theft, thievery, blackmailing, and so on.

2.  Legal compliance

Companies that are victims of security and data breaches can face legal actions. Companies protect their consumer’s information through HDD degaussing.

3.  Save space and money

Instead of keeping your old hard disk drives in your vault, you can save space by destroying them. You can also save money by evading fines and legal case fees due to data privacy breaches.

4.  Brand reputation

Consumers and clients would not trust their data to someone who does not perform HDD degaussing. A simple case of a data breach can tarnish your reputation.


Protect yourself and your data by destroying your drives through HDD degaussing or hiring shredding services in Singapore.

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