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Employees of businesses in various industries may despise them, but custom company shirts have a crucial role in an organisation. Without them, some of the world’s most recognised brands will not be as successful and distinguished as they are today.

Custom company shirts have been around since the day enterprises thought about putting their workers in uniforms. As early as the 15th to 18th centuries, authorities convinced their employees to don similar-looking garbs to help high-ranking officials group employees by designation or class. These coordinated outfits evolved into the uniforms of today, which are often made in company t shirt printing shops throughout the city. They put their brand names, logos, and taglines on the left chest, centre, or back of the shirt. Some enterprises even print their products and services list on their tees to encourage customers to check their business out.


T-shirt makers are also becoming more and more creative when designing custom company shirts by using one-of-a-kind styles. Some use colour blocking techniques to make shirts more appealing, while others use design illusions to make the clothing more attention-grabbing.

Aside from acting as a uniform, custom company shirts are also helpful for brands who want to unite their team members. It helps them develop a sense of solidarity and allows them to practise teamwork more often. Getting a corporate t shirt printing service for your Singapore team can also help your workers feel equal. They will see that they are being evaluated for how they perform their duties, and not for the way they dress or look. These coordinated clothing pieces also help customers distinguish your brand members from their fellow clients. If consumers see a person in a company shirt, they will be more comfortable with approaching them to ask questions or raise concerns.


Company Shirt FAQs

If you are thinking about hiring a t shirt printing company in Singapore, you must have countless questions running through your mind. Scroll through to find answers to some of your burning inquiries about custom company shirts and t-shirt printing shops in the state:

When Are Company Shirts Beneficial?

Your organisation will benefit from custom company shirts if you want to put your team in uniforms. You could also work with a corporate t shirt printing store if you are looking for other ways to promote your new product release, upcoming events, or services list. Company shirts would also boost your sales since they encourage your team to work together to achieve your business goals.

Who Needs Company Shirts?

Any brand, firm, or organisation that wants to reap the perks of custom company shirts would need them. If you notice that your team does not like collaboration, try giving them shirts with your brand logo and colour while participating in team-building activities. You should also consider hiring a t shirt printing company in Singapore if you are releasing a product or hosting an event soon.

How Much Does Company Shirt Printing Cost?

Custom company shirts come at various price points depending on your preferred material and style. A company t shirt printing store could charge you a hefty sum if you ask them to design and print a shirt with complicated and intricate elements. The price of your custom shirt order will also depend on its quantity—the higher the number of tees, the greater the amount you need to pay.

How Can I Pick A Design For My Company Shirt?

When thinking about a design for your company shirt, always consider your mission, vision, and brand personality. They will guide you in creating a shirt vision that you will communicate with your corporate t shirt printing store in Singapore. If you feel unsure about making a design yourself, you can consult your team or your shirt provider.



What Makes A Good Company Shirt?

The ideal custom company shirts must be distinguishable and memorable. As soon as your consumers and employees see the tee, they should immediately recognise it as something that represents your brand. Moreover, the best corporate shirt must be comfortable and breathable—especially if your employees spend most of their time in the field or their duties require them to be physically active.

Which Materials Are Ideal For Company Shirts?

There are numerous fabric types available in company t shirt printing shops throughout the state. However, shirt makers only recommend cotton, linen, polyester, and rayon for corporate tees due to their quality, durability, and comfort. You could also opt for a tri-blend or a combination of cotton, polyester, and linen if you want a lightweight and cosy shirt.

How Can I Check The Quality Of Company Shirts?

Checking the quality of your custom company shirts is not as challenging as you think. Before hiring a corporate t shirt printing shop in Singapore, ask for a sample of their work and inspect their print quality. Watch out for ink bleeds and splotches that could make your shirt look unprofessional. Additionally, see if your chosen shop uses high-quality shirts for its products. If their tees feel stiff or chunky, find a new print partner.

How Long Does Company Shirt Printing Take?

The length of your custom tee production will depend on your preferred design andamount of orders. The more shirts you need and the more complicated their styles are, the longer you will have to wait. However, there are company t shirt printing stores in Singapore that provide same-day services, but only for clients who urgently need a couple of simple tees.

How Do I Find And Choose A Company Shirt Printing Shop?

Finding and choosing a t shirt printing company is not as complicated as you think. You can start your search by browsing sites like Google or Bing to look for a capable and reliable print partner near you. You could also visit social media platforms to find corporate shirts. As soon as you come up with a list of print stores, you can narrow down your options by learning about their capabilities. You could check the quality of their works and tees by dropping by their shop or reading through reviews on their page.

Express Printing is a corporate t shirt printing shop in Singapore that can make the most visually appealing and comfortable shirt for your team. Visit their website below to learn more about their services.

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