You network everywhere: What Can Your Gain


Everyone you meet, wherever you are, is a potential customer or knows your potential customers. That is why it is important that you are aware of the fact that you are networking anytime, anywhere. After all, you yourself are the driving force and the face behind the products or services of your company. People buy from you because they know you, trust your expertise and allow you as a person their investment.

Learning to network through practice

So tell anyone who wants to hear it with enthusiasm about what you are doing. The latter is also important. Enthusiasm is contagious, but make sure you learn to tune in to the interest and interest of the other. It is practice and sense.

Learning to network is also to be open to others

If someone is not directly interested in your enthusiastic story about the products and services you offer, turn the conversation around. Ask questions instead of telling and research them, which your conversation partner is interested in. What makes his or her heart beat faster and especially, what gets him or her stuck. Ask as much as possible. Get to know someone really and find out where that person gets stuck and could use your help. You can Get the full scoop right here now.


Tipping point in the network conversation

When you find someone at the heart of their request for help, try again to see if you can stimulate the other person’s desire from there. For example, by telling about your experiences with this, how you dealt with this problem and what your solution is.

Learning to network is different from learning to sell

A network conversation is not a sales conversation. A network conversation I purely intended to expand your network, to make yourself more visible, to cultivate supporters, but above all to get to know potential customers better.

Learning to network is to pay attention

Networking means paying more attention than asking. Your conversation always aims to ensure that the other feels seen and heard in his or her problems, but also in his or her perception and experiences. Make sure the other person remembers you in a positive way.

The goal of learning to network is to connect

Learning to network takes time. You invest your time and attention in the other in the hope that it will one day pay for itself in the purchase of a service or product or a referral in your direction. That is why it is very important that at the end of the conversation your conversation partner knows who you are and where to find you.


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