What to Know About Company Registration Website in India


Want to know about company registration website in India? Fortunately, the registration of foreign companies has become a trouble-free and rapid process in India. Generally, it takes from 5 to 10 days to register a foreign business, and the Companies Rule, 2014 control all the guidelines for registration of foreign companies. There are various types of businesses that local as well as foreign investors can register to start their company in India.

Steps for company registration website in India

Firstly, you need to register your business as a foreign company or as an Indian subsidiary to create the legal presence of your company. Then you need to deliberate if the company is for commercial purposes or any other. The startup has to follow steps as mentioned:

  • Choose a suitable company name: To register your business in India, you must have a unique company name that has the potential to attract more clients. The RoC must approve the company name.
  • Apply for DIN: Before registering a business, you need to apply for Director Identification Number. It is the unique number allocated by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs that classifies the intended director of your business in India.
  • Register for DSC: DSC refers to the Digital Equivalent Certificate that is required to prove your identity. At the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, you can register for DSC by submitting a passport and address proof.
  • Fill e-Form: The e-Form administers your company name. Once you fill it, the RoC will then approve the name of your company based on appropriateness and availability.
  • Draft MoA and AoA: MoA stands for Memorandum of Association and AoA for Articles of Association that contains details of your company‚Äôs business objective, operations, and management.
  • Collect the incorporation certificate: If all the documents you submitted are satisfactory, then RoC will issue the Certificate of Incorporation.

Where can I get assistance for registering a business in India?

If you want to register a company in India, then consulting the professionals of the 3E Accounting Firm is the best option. 3E Accounting India offers rapid plus excellent services at an affordable price to register any foreign business in India. They offer the best India company incorporation services and know how to conduct a company registration on the website that make the registration process quicker and more comfortable.

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