What Makes a Good Martech Stack?  


A Martech stack or a marketing technology stack is a cluster of the most essential tools that digital marketers use to achieve marketing goals and perform marketing activities. How you organize your Martech stack depends on the type and size of your business and your business goals.

It occasionally varies from brand to brand but most digital marketers focus on adopting pieces of technology that will benefit the business internally as well as streamline communications within marketing as well as other departments. But let’s be honest for a minute. The number of Martech tools and technologies available today is extremely overwhelming for marketers. A lot of thought and effort goes into picking the right technology to boost business and run marketing campaigns. So, as a marketer, how exactly do you build a good Martech stack?

This brief guide is all you need to know about creating a viable Martech stack. If you want to be innovative with the technology you use, and that too within your budget, then keep reading!

How Do I Know If I’m using the Right Tools for My Martech Stack?

The market is filled with tools and technologies built for innovation, however, this confuses marketers beyond anything. With a strict budget to follow, and a creative knack for experimenting with new approaches, marketers often find themselves at crossroads with what to choose. But don’t fret! We’re here to help you with the basics before hitting the road.

But before we move on, understand the importance of having a stable internet connection for these tools to function smoothly. A fiber internet connection is fast and reliable enough to offer 24/7 stability to your platforms to operate seamlessly. And for all those who reside in the rural regions, you can easily use a rural internet connection to create a decent Martech stack from scratch!

  • Identify the Pain Points

How do you know a marketing tool is right for you if you don’t know the exact problem you want to solve with it.No matter which stage of the sales funnel you’re at, you want to make sure the technology you invest in can serve its purpose and solve the exact problem you’re facing. Identify the problems and points, draft a solution and learn about existing tools and technologies available to solve them.

Never sign contracts by just browsing and learning about the tools. Understand and align the goal of the tool with the problem to be solved by that tool.

  • Solidify The Foundation 

Before you stack up on various pieces of complicated technology, make sure the foundation of the stack is solid. Do you know the basic platforms you will need to make your marketing program a success? A basic marketing campaign will need a content management system for the website, a customer relationship management system, a data analytics program, and a marketing automation platform in place.

How you stack up on these basic platforms and use the technology to create quality customer experiences is all on you.

  • Explore Existing Martech Stacks

When you’re building a Martech stack from the ground up or simply re-evaluating an existing one, it’s normal to feel like something’s missing. You can look up real examples of Martech stacks created by other companies. Get in touch with partner companies and learn about how technology is adopted in the playing field of marketing. Research is the solution to most of your marketing questions in today’s time!

  • Understand Your Needs

Only invest in the tools you need. Just because you see some really cool technology and tools for creative design or data visualization, doesn’t mean you must buy and use it. Understand your marketing needs before investing in tools you won’t use. Do you need to boost engagement?  Invest in interaction Martech tools. Do you need to revamp your campaign design? Look through design tools. Find the right balance between your goals and needs.

Once you have your lot figured out after a period of trial and error, you’ll be able to master the Martech concept.

Essentials Your Martech Stack Needs

Every company’s Martech stack varies depending on the marketing strategy and size of the business. But the following are the must-haves in every Martech stack.

  1. Content Management System

The content you publish should go through a control station for approval. That control station is known as a content management system. Every marketing department needs a content management system to edit, schedule, delete and upload web content and make sure it meets your marketing goals. WordPress is a popular content management system used by many brands and businesses for content publishing and engagement.

  1. Data Analytics Platform

Numbers define progress in the marketing sector. How do you know your new marketing strategy is working in your favor? Is the marketing campaign a success or a fail? You can only know by numbers. You want to know about how many people, from where, and why are responding to your brand. Data or web analytics platforms track your web traffic and performance. Google Analytics is a popular web analytics platform that your stack definitely needs.

  1. Customer Relationship Management

CRM is used to keep track of your interactions and manage your engagement with customers. It polishes the customer retention rate and ensures business growth and success. The right CRM will include solutions for other Martech needs as well. HubSpot is a widely popular CRM choice for typical Martech stacks.

  1. Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing automation platforms streamline processes and enhance customer engagement and personalization. A multi-channel marketing approach requires a multitasking platform that can navigate personalization and improve customer experiences simultaneously.

In A Nutshell

Creating a Martech experience from scratch can seem overwhelming, but don’t forget that these tools are made to simplify the overly-burdened lives of marketers out there. Understand the Martech needs of your brand and find possible solutions with the right tools and technology!


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