Technical Publication: The S1000D Publication Solutions You Need


A technical publication team consists of project managers who lead the technical writers, subject matter experts, editors, illustrators, translators, desktop publishers, language specialists, among other people. All these people come together to help create a technical publication as per the current standards. For e.g. the latest aerospace standard for technical publications is the S1000D, which means that all the publications need to comply with the set international standard.

The technical writers who work on such publications are experienced civilians, engineers, ex-military aircraft, helicopters or aerospace maintenance technicians who have good knowledge about the practical work on the field and are qualified enough to help frame and edit the documents and publications. And, it is this kind of technical background that enables Sonovision to create technical content that complies with all the relevant publication standards.

With content, you will also require relevant graphics and statistics to explain what you are trying to talk about. Now, these illustrations and graphics will be industry-specific be it aerospace or engineering and hence, you will require designers who have prior work experience in the field and know what they are doing. Practical, hands-on knowledge is another aspect that will add great insight to the illustrations created.

Subject matter experts are helpful in:

  • Creating documents that qualify the current norms and specifications
  • Utilize their in-depth knowledge of ATA, MIL-SPEC, S1000D, S2000M, and US department of defense specifications.
  • Help create content that reflects their expert understanding of simple and complex understanding of integrated aerospace systems and all the relevant components.
  • Provide you with turnkey legacy technical publication support. They are your go-to people whenever required.
  • Help produce customized manuals for vehicles using the approved engineering documents of your company, or the supplier or partner’s approved engineering documents.
  • Have great, in-depth knowledge of the subjects they deal with.

So, the steps to create a technical publication include, finding the right topic and then the right people to document it in a right and acceptable manner. For this, you will require the services of agencies who provide technical authoring and help create relevant content as per the international standards.

The content needs to be written, proofread, edited, fact-checked and then proofread again by subject matter experts for the precision check before it goes for publishing. In order to focus on core business processes, it is suggested that you hire professional services for the same.

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