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Singapore offers a variety of work permits to let overseas residents and company owners work and live in the country. If a worker has family members who wish to join them in Singapore, they may do so by applying for a family pass and satisfying the necessary conditions. In addition to the specific benefits and rewards that come with each pass, each applicant must meet a series of pre-requisites to be eligible for that pass. Choosing the immigration singapore is essential there. This article provides a list of Singapore’s most frequently used work and family permits, including the following:

The structure of taxes and the types of taxes that are imposed Singapore


The Employment Pass (EP) is a visa for highly qualified employees, managers, and directors of companies.

The candidate must already have a work offer in Singapore before applying.

Credentials, such as a college degree, professional qualifications, appropriate work experience, or specialised skills, must be met by the applicant in order to be considered for the position.

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Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass)

The EntrePass programme is aimed towards multinational business owners who desire to set up shop in Singapore and run their firm from there.

People with the EntrePass designation may act as directors of their own company in their home country.

Qualifying entrepreneurs must already be Singapore-based private limited companies or have plans to do so soon. In addition, she or he must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

Dependant Pass (DP) for family members who are eligible for a visa.

A Dependant Passport is required for those who are legally married and the children of qualified EP, EntrePass, PEP, and S Pass holders to live in Singapore (DP).

Permit for Extended Stays (LTVP)

Passholders of the Long-Term Visitor Program (LTVP) are eligible to bring their stepchildren, spouses or common-law spouses, or handicapped children to Singapore to live for an extended period of time.


S Pass holders, who have a moderate degree of technical ability, are allowed to live and work in Singapore. There is a limit to the number of S Passes that a company in Singapore may hold at any one moment.

The Basics

S Pass holders must earn at least S$2,500 a month to qualify. S Pass applicants will have to earn S$3,000 annually as of September 1, 2022, in order to be eligible for the new minimum wage requirement for the S Pass (beginning September 1, 2023, the minimum salary required for renewals). September 1, 2024 and September 1, 2026, respectively, will see the minimum wage rise to S$3,150 and S$3,300 (for the applicable renewals). In the next years, these hikes will take effect for the first time.

Passport to Employment in Training (TEP) TEP permits international students and foreign workers of an overseas office or subsidiary to come to Singapore to get short-term training.

Tasks of a Variety of Types Must Be Performed

Miscellaneous Work Passes are available to religious workers,foreign speakers, journalists, and their accompanying staff members who are engaged in short-term assignments in Singapore.

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