Planning a Dinner and Dance Event? Key Things to Consider


Planning a great and unforgettable dinner and dance event is no walk in the park. Fortunately, this where the help and the expertise of a seasoned dinner and dance organiser can come in handy.

Dinner and dance organisers have planned and executed countless amazing events so their help would surely go a long way. Below are some of the things the best dinner and dance organisers will consider when planning a dinner and dance event:

Find a Great (and Exciting) Venue

Since you will be spending money to impress your guests, you might as well find a venue that your guests will love. Dinner and dance organisers are great at finding the best venues that would suit both your needs and your budget.

Ensure Your Guest List is Organised

You can’t expect your dinner and dance event to go smoothly if you don’t have an organised guest list. Ensure the names are in alphabetical order. While this can seem like a lot of work, you will thank yourself once groups of people will start to arrive.

Communicate Dietary Requirement Early (and Clearly!)

When you’re planning your next event, make sure to book an experienced caterer. They have the experience that will ensure everyone has a great time and isn’t rushing off before heading home because they’re too full.

Make sure you also serve vegetarian options for those who prefer them. It would only go to show that you care about everyone in attendance and you want everyone to have a great and memorable time.

Ensure There’s Plenty of Table Plans

Often people don’t look at them and they end up getting confused when seeing so many tables. Ensure the plans are large and the names are clearly written. And no, this is not the time to showcase the swirly script font.

If the event has a theme, creating funky table names would be a wonderful idea. Ensure the names are also in alphabetical order. Also, avoid using name cards. Most of the time, people will ignore them anyway.

Decide Who Will Sit with Who

Will you be putting people who don’t know each other together in one table? Or would you like to put friendship groups and the same department in one table? Make sure you think this one through as this can have a massive impact on the event’s atmosphere.

Awesome Entertainment

It would be a great idea to start the event with an interesting act or with a live band. This will encourage guests to go straight to the dance floor. This can also help ensure you avoid creating awkward moments where everyone will wait to be the first to stand up and hit the dance floor.

Epic DJ

Once you have successfully gotten everyone on their feet, ensure you have an epic DJ that knows how to keep them there. A great DJ can read the room and will know exactly what will keep everyone on their feet. They also know how to keep the atmosphere fun and light.

Fun Theme

Having a theme is one of the best ways to break the ice. If this is something you are considering, make sure you do it properly. For instance, fancy dresses can get everyone talking. However, it would be best to also have a venue all your guests would love and remember.

Make sure the venue also aligns perfectly with your theme. Case in point: If you have a 1920s theme, make sure guests won’t be drinking from modern glassware or hanging out in modern seats. Look online for inspiration or much better, have a dinner and dance organiser help you out.


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