Inspection of Various Aspects of Your Supplier without Disturbing Your Budget


Efficient factory auditing and strict quality control inspection of the current or prospective supplier is the basic requirement of all those who want to procure products or materials from a particular manufacturer or supplier or distributor or trader. There are many companies and business houses in China and Asia who have only limited budget for factory/supplier auditing and quality control inspections. They require the service of an audit firm that assures the best quality audit services for competitive prices. Under the prevailing circumstances, many buyers in Asia want to check the C- TPAT compliance of a manufacturer or supplier which is in fact an anti-terrorism audit.

The auditing company that offers Anti-terrorism Audit Service (ATA) will ensure that the manufacturer or supplier is perfectly C – TPAT compliant. The great advantage of C – TPAT audit is that it is focused on supply chain security. Those who require in-depth appraisal of the quality and quantity of the product to be procured can very well go for the FSI (Final Shipment Inspections) to check issues pertaining to quality and quantity, provided they have sufficient funds for supplier audit. IPI (In-Process Inspection) ensures 90 – 100% assurance of quality and quantity. In-Process Inspection is the best solution to avoid quality issues and shipping delay. Those who want more assurance for quality can go for the FAI (First Article Inspection) service by the audit firm.

Ensuring 100% defect-free products

Those who want the best and the most reliable MFG Process Supervision in China and Russia can Go now for the factory/supplier auditing by KRT. This US based auditing company perform the highly efficient MPS (Manufacturing Process Supervision) when the actual production process is going on in the factory of the particular manufacturer. This approach will enable the auditors to check whether the manufacturer strictly follows the specified process for manufacture of the specified product. This approach can prevent quality issues to a great extent and can also avoid reworking or replacement which will require more time. When the buyer is very particular to ensure that he receives products that are 100% defect-free, he can go for DSI (Defect Sorting Inspection) offered by the company for a very competitive price. The US based audit firm offers truly comprehensive audit report about specific manufacturers/suppliers for guaranteed lower rates anywhere in Asia.

Low-cost auditing services

As a matter of fact everyone can’t afford the Complete Factory Audit of the manufacturer or supplier. In that case, they can very well Go now for KRT Basic Factory Audit. Unlike the Complete Factory Audit, Basic Factory Audit will not review the machinery and materials, packaging, testing and social compliance so as to make the audit considerably less expensive. This is indeed a low-cost option for those who have strict budget restrictions. Those who want to just confirm the official name of the suppliers, their legal status, official address, license registration number and its validity period can opt for the Business License Check service offered by the auditing company for an incredibly low cost with quick turn-around. This professional auditing firm also undertakes Complete Social Audit for the lowest rate anywhere in Asia. Clients can opt for this service when they want to check social compliance of a prospective supplier.

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