In-House VS  Professional Office Cleaning Services In Singapore: Which Is Better?


In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the cleanliness and disinfection of offices must be the top priority of managers. A simple dusting and vacuuming won’t work. Your office needs a thorough cleaning, from the darkest nook and corners, to ensure the workspace is spotless. Managers have two options: first, let the in-house cleaners do the job, and second, hire professional office cleaning services in Singapore.

Companies directly hire in-house cleaners who perform the daily cleaning and general cleaning. These people solely work for the company alone. They immediately clean the coffee you spilt in the staircase on your way to your cubicle or clean up the flood in the bathroom sink.

On the other hand, office cleaning services in Singapore are simply outsourcing office cleaners instead of directly hiring one. You call them for your monthly general office cleaning.

But which is better? Hiring an in-house cleaning team or partnering with an office cleaning company in Singapore?

In-House VS  Professional Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

This article will lay down five crucial categories where the two options, the in-house cleaning team and outsourced office cleaning team in Singapore, will go head-to-head to help you decide which of them is the best.


In-House Cleaners

The number of your house cleaners and office employees must be balanced to ensure the cleanliness of your workspace. Having an understaffed in-house cleaning team can only lead to an inefficient service, leaving your office dirty. The office admin controls the number of office cleaners they want to hire.

However, the hiring process can be tedious and additional work for the human resource. Additionally, building your own in-houseoffice cleaning team in Singaporeis unscalable, unlike outsourcing.

On a positive note, the managers can plan the routine of their in-house cleaners according to the office needs. Secondly, your in-house office cleaner team are hardly strangers. There is trust between the admin, employees, and your office cleaner in Singapore.

Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

One of the advantages of anoffice cleaning company in Singapore is its services are scalable. For example, if you need at least ten people in your cleaning team, the company can immediately provide them. If you need to scale down to five people next month, the company can still deliver. The scalability lifts the burden of firing a staff from the managers.

On the other side of the coin, the admin staff rarely have control over the routine of the cleaners. The cleaners themselves are strangers. Your office cleaning services in Singapore may provide you with different cleaners each month. It can be a problem for control-freak managers, and your employees may feel unsafe, too.


In-House Cleaners

The best thing about in-house cleaners is they are always present. They can clean before opening the office, during office hours, and before closing the office.

The managers can also arrange and schedule the general cleaning weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

The only time-consuming part of managing an in-houseoffice cleaner in Singaporeis the hiring process.

Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

Most companies call an office cleaning company for general cleaning, which is usually scheduled fortnightly or monthly.

Office cleaning companies in Singapore equip their staff with loud and bulky cleaning equipment, which can distract employees. Hence most managers schedule the cleaning during the weekends when the office is empty.

The day-to-day cleaning of the office usually relies on the employees themselves or an in-houseoffice cleaner in Singapore.



In-House Cleaners

Cleanliness relies on two things: your cleaner and the tools they use.

Firstly, if you want your office to be squeaky clean every hour of the day, make sure not to understaff your in-house office cleaning team.

Your in-house cleaners’ skills and experience in the job also matter. If your hired cleaners are veterans at cleaning different things and have vast knowledge about it, then you hit the jackpot. Finding a skilled and experienced office cleaner in Singapore relies on the evaluation of job interviews.

Secondly, you need to equip your in-house cleaners with the right tools to achieve a spotlessly clean office. You can guarantee high-quality cleaning if you supply them with the right equipment, such as vacuum, steam cleaners, brushes, cleaning agents, and more.

Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

A reputable office cleaning company in Singaporewill provide highly trained, skilled, and experienced cleaners. You don’t have to worry about scrutinising their resumes or training them because they come prepared.

Professional office cleaning services in Singapore also equip their staff with the equipment and tools they need, so you don’t have to worry about providing one.


In-House Cleaners

Here is the breakdown of your in-house cleaners’ expenses:

  • Monthly salary, compensation, and benefits of your office cleaner in Singapore.
  • Cleaning equipment and its maintenance
  • Weekly or monthly cleaning supplies
  • Repair and replacement costs

Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

Here is the breakdown of your professional office cleaning services expenses:


In-House Cleaners

Generally, the company is liable for any injury an in-house cleaner obtains in Singapore whilst doing their duties. Most companies provide their in-house cleaners with health insurance to cover the injuries and possible hospitalisation.

The house cleaners are accountable for the damaged equipment and property of the company they accidentally break. But some managers discuss this with their staff.

Office Cleaning Services In Singapore

The office cleaning company in Singapore takes care of the health insurance of their staff in case one gets injured during the duty. It lifts the responsibility of the company.

On the other hand, most professional office cleaning services in Singaporeare liable for any company property their staff has damaged or broken whilst cleaning the workspace.

So which one is better?

Based on the five categories, which of the two options, the in-house cleaning team and outsourcedoffice cleaning team in Singapore,stood out for you?


If you thinkprofessional office cleaning services in Singaporestand out, you are right. Call LUKIS for high-quality office cleaning services today.

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