Enhance Your Brand’s Visibility With Customized Logo Printed Water Bottles


Promoting an organization through customized printed products is not a new technique to widen the brand reach. For many years, personalized printed bags, reusable shopping bags, pens, t-shirts, and caps are being used to increase customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. Branded water bottles are the next step in this form of marketing strategy.

People are getting more conscious about using plastic water bottles that harm the environment and the negative effects on health caused by drinking water, which is full of metallic impurities. Branding reusable water bottles containing purified drinking water is a great way to promote your brand and displays that your organization gives priority to the health of your clients, and to the environment, which we all are living in.

You can now place bulk orders for promotional water bottles made of stainless steel or glass from Custom Gear, which is Australia,’s leading company that helps other organizations in printing their brands and creating products that will bring consumers back to your organization repeatedly.  You can choose the color, choose the features of the bottle (if you want the bottle to have insulation or not, and choose how do you want the final branding to look on the bottle.

Advantages of printing logos on promotional bottles

Whether you want to promote an event on your school club or a new product launch for your business, printed water bottles that people use day in and out is a great way to keep them glued to your organization for long.

Some of the benefits of using personalized water bottles as promotional products are:

  1. Increases brand exposure:
  • When you send out free water bottles made of sturdy reusable materials, these bottles will be used multiple times every day.
  • The repeated brand exposure is not just limited to the individual using the bottle but also to their friends, family, and colleagues.
  • If someone takes the customized bottle with your brand’s logo printed on it to his or her gym, the exposure gets enhanced again.
  1. Increases consumer’s trust in your organization:
  • When you show that you care about the environment by ditching plastic bottles, you highlight your reliability.
  • In addition, by decreasing the carbon footprint, you pass a subtle message that your organization cares about the health of your customers and clients.
  1. It is a long-lasting way of promotion:
  • Since these bottles can be reused for a long time, they keep promoting your brand even when you have invested just once.
  • The bottles can be used for multiple purposes like taking to the gym, school, office, vacation, etc.
  • Thus, there is no decline in the marketing ability of these bottles.

Promotional bottles are very easily accessible nowadays. There are many online stores as well that can completely customize a bottle and prepare the same design in bulk as a part of your marketing campaign.

Promotional printed water bottles can be easily used for marketing even when you have a tight marketing budget as when buying them in bulk they are cheap and carries the message to a larger group of people without having to spend that much money.

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