Eco-friendly Perks of car parking lift system


offers eco-friendly parking services to attend to the raising need for ecologically mindful advancements. Communities remain to enact laws requireds for tasks to fulfill greater degrees of sustainability with LEED qualification.

In order for city companies to measure an advancement’s sustainability they look to the UNITED STATE Eco-friendly Structure Council’s LEED (Management in Power and also Environmental Style) ranking system. has actually established a parking system to resolve this ecological structure as well as offers designers, home builders, developers as well as regulating firms with the possibility for the complying with LEED options:

Removal of Hazardous Discharges

Based upon EPA information, it was discovered, that this innovation, carried out for a 500 car garage on an annual basis would certainly:
Conserve over 6,000 gallons of fuel annually.
Remove 1,000 extra pounds of Hydrocarbons.
Get rid of 3.5 lots of Carbon monoxide gas.
Get rid of 500 extra pounds of Nitrogen Oxides.
Remove over 60 lots of Co2.
Lowered Air Pollution

Due to the fact that cars are switched off as quickly as they go into the hydraulic car parking systems, there is no requirement to have pricey removal systems running to get rid of harmful gases. Leading to reduced power usage, reduced upkeep expenses as well as completion of air flow devices pumping harmful CARBON DIOXIDE fumes back right into the ambience.

Water Preservation

U-ParkIt NA’s exceptional layouts enable optimum collection of tornado water drainage. In The golden state, nearly 20% of the electrical energy as well as over 30% of the gas is utilized to deal with, transportation, and also usage water. When you conserve water, you conserve power as well!

Power Cost savings
Lower Power Demands

Due to the exceptional electro-mechanical style, that electrical power is taken in just when the parking system is literally parking or getting a lorry. Various other power squandering procedures called for on traditional concrete parking garages such as lighting for clients, power for air flow devices and also power for lifts to deliver customers are instantly gotten rid of with the U-ParkIt NA system.


Marginal interior illumination needed for upkeep can be provided (as per customer demand) making use of solar panels to battery back-up. Extra emergency situation power can quickly be provided by utilizing cost-effective diesel generators to make sure constant procedure of the system if called for.

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