Creating a Creative Business Name: Tips and Techniques


Many entrepreneurs believe that creating a brand name is a simple task, as long as the product is of good quality. However, this is a misconception. With countless brands and products in the market, it’s crucial to develop a brand name that will attract potential customers and stand out from the competition.

According to statistics, over 75% of consumers consider the name of the company when choosing a product or service. A great brand name should be clear, customer-oriented, easy to remember, meaningful, durable, attractive and not too long. When thinking about naming options, it’s vital to consider potential customers, as a simple and clear name is easier to perceive and remember.

Here are some popular and effective ways to create a company name, including using the TurboLogo name generator:

Think of a Name Yourself

The decision to create a business name should be made by no more than three people to avoid chaos. Everyone has a subjective perception, and too many comments can distract from the result.

Name after Business Owner

Naming the company after the founder’s name or surname is one of the most common methods. However, it should not be absurd in sound and not repeat other brand names on the market.


Rhyming, rhythm, or repetition of words can make a brand name easier to remember. For example, “Coca-Cola.”


This method involves using particular to general relations in the company’s name, such as Burger King, the king of burgers.

Contact an Advertising Agency

Professional advertising agencies can provide name creation services, but they are costly, and the end result is not always satisfactory.

Use an Online Name Creation Generator

TurboLogo’s name generator offers an efficient and simple way to come up with a business name. By entering one or two keywords and industry, users receive catchy name suggestions in seconds. Furthermore, the platform inspires users to come up with their own unique company names.

To find a suitable name, it’s essential to keep an open mind and set the radar to receive any possible useful information. The name of the business should also excite and inspire. If you don’t like it, it’s unlikely that you will successfully sell it.

In summary, develop many company names using different techniques, and don’t limit yourself to one idea. With time and effort, you can create an effective and unforgettable brand name.

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