Comparison between Power Washing and Pressure Washing


When you look at the exterior of your house under bright sunlight then you can notice various imperfections on your walkway, driveway, deck or patio. What you can do to get rid of them?

Many people consider contacting professionals of Zachs Power Washing to get your property power washed. Many people may also suggest for pressure washing. It may be little confusing to decide which is better option.

Let us discuss this issue in this article.

Pressure washing vs. power washing

Both pressure washing and power washing may achieve almost similar results, but there is basic difference between these 2 types of cleaning. 

With better understanding about power washing and also knowing about various benefits of such pressure washing will help you to take right decision about which method of cleaning that you must consider for your kind of situation.

What’s the difference?

As the difference between pressure washing and power washing is quite subtle hence there is always a confusion between these two methods of cleaning the surface of your property.

Though basically they may be almost same but there is one very important difference. In case of power washing you have to use hot water while in case of pressure washing it is the water velocity which is important while water temperature remains the same throughout.

What’s pressure washing?

If you prefer to do pressure washing then you have to apply very high-pressure water on the dirty surface to remove dirt and mildew or all kind of stubborn residues. The pressurized water will come from a specially designed pump which is very powerful. 

What’s power washing?

With power washing too you can remove dirt, mud, mildew or any other sticky substances which can also be a potential health hazard. Power washing will use a steady and pressurized hot water flow to remove various dirt. 

Following are few reasons to use power washer:

  • To remove chewing gum
  • To kill weeds or moss
  • To get rid of mildew and mold 
  • To brighten the patio or deck
  • To refresh the driveway or walkway
  • To clean the vinyl, aluminum/wood siding
  • To remove debris from the gutters and awnings
  • To make your home ready for selling or renting

With the help of power washing you can protect your home and also your family from various harmful effects of mold and various other dirt which may trigger different allergic reactions. 

As hot water is used during power washing and as a result of high temperature of water will enable to break down more easily various contaminants and germs as compared to pressure washing.


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