4 environmentally friendly packaging ideas for your business 


A lot number of firms are supporting the eco-friendly factors in product packaging. With tons of packaging materials’ waste are damaging the environment across the globe and companies are looking forward to welcome construction methods and  materials, which make barely low impact on the earth.  

Even consumers are demanding products packed in eco-friendly and sustainable methods. The environmentally friendly packaging ideas help firms to build great reputations among the like-minded audience. From biodegradable containers to recyclable materials, here are few ideas to consider for the environmentally conscious businesses.

Recycle materials 

Innovative eco- friendly packaging methods that contribute to the well-being of the planet includes using recyclable materials for packaging. Cardboard, paperboard, plastic, and few other materials can be reconstructed to form new packages. Both recycled and recyclable materials originate from different sources and you can adapt these techniques in packaging very easily. Look for best packaging firms that make use of such materials in their packaging standards that meet your values, needs, and budget. 

Biodegradable materials 

Some of the materials that are recyclable and biodegradable include:

Corn starch: The packages made out of corn starch have no or very less impact on the planet. The small food items stored can be shipped through post as well. 

Bubble wrap: The packaging prepared out of recycled polyethylene is completely degradable and also it helps in keeping the food (glass items) safe.  

Paper and cardboard: Though the paperboards are lightweight, they are strong as well they are reusable and recyclable. They are used to pack items ranging from cosmetics, medicine to frozen food. Such pizza box helps to retain the freshness (as well heat) of the food item for a shorter period. 

Consider innovative, unique, and high-tech material usage

For example, using inks made from milk proteins or foods instead of harsh chemicals can be considered. Also, you can think of rainforest-friendly paper, plant-based packing peanuts, and bioplastics as your packaging choices.

Go natural 

Plastic bags are impacting the environment badly. Sustainable and eco-friendly packaging is becoming popular over the past few years. Packages made from natural substances, such as dye-free paper, recycled material cause less burden on the nature. 

Eco-friendly is becoming the mainstream topic and lot of manufactures are recognizing the importance of using recyclable and green materials in their packaging solutions. You can get more choices for creating customizable and environmental-friendly boxes with Netpak, one of the leading packaging manufacturers in the US. 



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