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If you have your own website, which most companies do these days, building and maintaining website traffic is a must. More visitors to your site means more sales or orders, more positive customer reviews, a stronger reputation and ultimately higher profits. There are steps that any company can take to make sure they are attracting as much traffic as possible to their website.

Understanding how SEO works and using its strategies is one of the most important steps you can take in building website traffic. True, the effective use of SEO is about making sure your site ranks high in the search engine results, but it’s also about text that’s informative and easy to read, a well designed site, strong eye catching graphics, and the use of color to attract visitors’ attention. Studies indicate that the use of video also holds the attention of your visitors.

Blogging is also important when it comes to increasing website traffic. Writing regular posts on other well established and reputable websites gives you the opportunity to link back to your own site, and asking guest bloggers to post on your site is also a proven strategy. Of course, you want to make sure all content is up to date, accurate and tells the reader what they need to know. Avoid blogs that have too many spam filled links.

Anyone using your website needs to have a positive experience, so that they’ll keep coming back to it. Consider having your website professionally designed and hosted; it will cost you more but building website traffic is much easier when your site looks great. Don’t forget about the importance of internal links too, as well as links to and from other websites. Users of your site should be able to effortlessly find what they are looking for, and get to the page they need in a couple of clicks.

The importance of using social media just can’t be underestimated when it comes to building website traffic, and potentially increasing your online visibility and sales. Getting the most out of social media is about more than just posting something every so often, it’s about becoming a part of an online community and interacting with your existing and potential customers. It can also be the ideal platform to answer customer questions and concerns, promote a new product or service and generally keep people up to date. Facebook comes to mind when you think of social media, but don’t forget Twitter and LinkedIn. Email marketing can also play an important role in promoting your website and increasing traffic, although it’s important not to bombard people with too many emails.

Building website traffic and keeping customers can take some time, and it’s important to realize you may not enjoy significant results overnight. Most of the strategies described above are easy to implement, effective and don’t need a lot of technical or marketing expertise. And the good news is that, many of these tactics won’t break your budget or won’t cost you anything.

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