Advantages of Online Business for Insurance Companies and Tradies


We are living in the internet age, and therefore every kind of business can take advantage of this medium to promote their business. Any successful trades business having an online presence can generate more paying customers so that they can contact centre outsourcers increase their revenue.

Whether you are a handyman, bricklayer, carpenter, builder, or concreter you can always grow your business by including your name in the tradie directory in the platform offered by Bleen. You too can apply various online marketing strategies to target your customers based on demography. This will help you reach more leads, and also improve your local presence.

Although due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic numerous businesses and particularly the small tradesmen have gone off-balance, but now things are slowly returning to normalcy.

As per the Google trends, the demand has started rising again for tradies. So, the tradies must know a few actionable online marketing tips, so that they can help their small business also get more customers so that they can also grow. The following are a few smart tips that can be quite useful for tradies to grow their business online.

  • Build an easy-to-use and responsive website
  • Create Google advertisements for targeted locations
  • Talk to their customers by using Facebook Messenger chat
  • Improve local SEO
  • Add testimonials from customers
  • Facebook marketing with ads
  • Register with business directories of the local area
  • Create authentic advertisement copies
  • Prioritize call advertisements
  • Branding and vehicle signage
  • On Google My Business try to get 5-star reviews

Similarly, Global insurance companies are also working on developing their digital enterprise portals that can help them to grow their customer base. They can get the benefits of predictive analytics to meet their future demands by knowing the report on the performance of their different financial products.

The insurance companies can also derive plenty of benefits through digital transformation and improve the bottom line for their insurance companies. These days, people are using their devices for uploading documents, making claims, using mobile apps for making payments, and also get updates and reminders for their insurance policies.

Since the world has started embracing mobility, hence the insurance industry also had to tag along with the trend and going for digital innovation.

Most insurance companies undertook changes in their operations by implementing small but important process changes. Most of the early adopters have used the internet capabilities for long-term gains. The insurance companies have generated their great business values for winning more customers and gain a few comprehensive benefits like:

  • For their insurance products and services faster access to the market.
  • Predictive analytics is used to get critical business insights for taking faster decisions.
  • For core business operations started process automation.
  • Synchronous processes to increase their sales, productivity, and profits.
  • Reduced time and cost in business operations.
  • Integrated design and systems to enhance customer experience.
  • Improved claims processes and also increased underwriting efficiency.

Both these businesses can also take advantage of the blogging platform offered by and contribute blogs and articles that can help improving their SEO services too. These blogs and articles can produce backlinks for their websites.

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