A New Business Entering The Marketing Stage – What’s Your Plan?


As a newly established startup company in Hong Kong, assume you have already gone through the following steps:

  • Company incorporation in Hong Kong through HK’s Companies Registry
  • Market research and potential customer analysis
  • Product idea (to solve a major pain point of your potential consumers or users)
  • Finance – Fund your new business daily operations with the savings from you and the co-founding members, or get to know the future potential angel investors
  • Office space i.e. Can be working from home remotely, or renting co-working spaces to be more flexible
  • Get to know the people who have the right skills and potential for the next stage of your business (when it moves out of the startup status)

The next immediate operations for you and your co-founding members to take up include:

  • Developing the product
  • Marketing the product to the potential Hong Kong audience

Before you and your team going out to start selling the product, you actual will have to build up your brand or position your product. One example is that you should start getting a following of people through the social media accounts (including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc). Your following of people may not be ready at the initial stage when they first started to connect with you. But in the later stages when your product development is more ready, they are the audience who you can announce your product to. They may not be the ones who are going to buy your product, but some may buy, and some other may even spread your product and ideas to their connections. Check famoid youtube marketing tips here.

With your brand, the first thing you should have is the name. Then based on your name, create a log that represents the center value of your company or main product. Your logo should be created so it can help people easily identify your brand. Make sure you have your logo consistently marketed across all your available platforms including your company website, search engines, social media, forums, blogs, industry events, and more. Check top sellers on amazon.

Most likely you may be working on a small marketing budget. Make sure you are wisely and effectively using social media platforms to spread the word about your new business. Creating and launching a coupons and discounts to followers could be a great marketing/promotional tool during your product’s first launch to the public. When you have the capability, create relevant, interesting content about your business, product and industry (or niche). The content shouldn’t be restricted in only a single format (such as text or articles), but may be launched to the public as videos, infographics, podcast, and more. Never look at improving your company website as a cost, but it should be seen as an investment. Nowadays, having a great online presence is the first important step to be able to market your product to your target audience. Check more seo tool reviews.




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