5 Tips And Tricks To Avoid Getting Ripped Off When Renting A Car


As someone who drives, nothing compares to the feeling of being able to rest in the passenger seat, sit back, and relax. The best and guaranteed way to be able to feel this is to take advantage of a car rental in Singapore. Whether you’re flying for a summer vacation, going for a spontaneous road trip, or planning a city tour across the metro, renting a car is a good idea. It can save you a chunk of money and use it as a vacation budget instead.

Renting a car is much more complicated than choosing between a compact car, a private bus, a minivan, or a van rental. Most travellers aren’t sure of how it works, how to apply, or how to rent a car without making a few common mistakes. Some questions typically asked are regarding additional costs for insurance, paying to refuel the vehicle, any phoney damage claims, location limitations, extra offers, and the like. These concerns constantly arise when a foreigner or a first-time renter contacts an agency and rents a car.

To score the best car rental in Singapore, you must rent a car the way the experts do. Among all your rental options, there are some things you also need to consider to help you save time, money, and sanity on your next family vacation. Here are the insider tips when renting a car.



Before the client picks up the car, some car rental companies in Singapore shoulder the fuel expenses. Generally, when you return the car to the agent you talked to, it should also have the same fuel level, at a full tank, not half nor to the brim. Prepaid gasoline charges are what attract new renters or foreigners. It offers convenience and simplicity while travelling but also serves as a concern for foreigners running late for their flights. Every minute added to the trip increases the risk of arriving late to board.

Unless you are totally sure you want to return the tank empty, have loads of money to rebook your flight, or can ask someone to refuel it on your behalf, never fall for this trap. Avoid prepaying for the gas fees. The cost of having the agency refuel your car is almost always higher than the cost of doing it yourself. Watch out for these hidden fuel charges and only work with a credible car rental agency in Singapore.



If you want to beat the rap on the first point listed above, don’t make this next mistake. Immediately after you pick up the car from the car rental company in Singapore, find a place to refuel the vehicle. That is the best time to have the van or car rental refilled.

As you drive away from the store, rental agency, or airport, check for any nearby local gas stations and take note of these. Make a plan to return to one of these options, at least, and go for the most easily accessible and affordable gas station near the rental agency. Avoid driving in circles looking for gas stations, especially as your flight time is fast approaching.


Auto insurance policies, especially for buy and sell vehicles, vary considerably. Since you’re going for a car rental in Singapore, you might want to check with your own insurer directly. Consider asking them regarding your legal coverage. If you have the minimum insurance coverage, it may possibly not include or cover rental cars.

Before renting, be sure to call your insurer about this first. Generally, when you damage the car rental, it falls under the replacement vehicle policy. However, in some cases, the agency typically raises their rates if the client has their own insurance policy, especially when an accident or damage happens when using the car rental.

In addition to this point, when you have no car insurance to pay the damages or accidents, your credit card will likely shoulder the expenses. Credit cards serve as secondary insurance to help users cover anything their vehicle insurance does not. So, when you opt for a car rental in Singaporeand have no auto insurance, the only way to deal with the charges and expenses is through your credit card.


Concerning the pointer above, ‘loss of use’ charges are crucial when the van or car rental gets damaged while you’re driving it. The ‘loss of use’ insurance will cover the potential revenue lost by the car rental agency in Singaporewhen the damaged vehicle is off the road and undergoing repairs. Most auto insurance companies do not shoulder these fees, so your credit card will.

However, you may want to check the terms and conditions of your bank in advance. Generally, credit cards like American Express, MasterCard, and Visa offer ‘loss of use’ coverage, but it is better to contact your bank.



If you want to score the best car rental in Singapore, consider reserving a low-priced car and enquiring about upgrades at the rental desk. Most companies gatekeep their discounts and promotions, while some urge their clients to take advantage of these offers. If you want to save money when renting a car, ask for potential offers for free or very affordable upgrades to a larger car class or vehicle features. Some functional vehicle features typically offered are GPS, power windows, rear-seat DVD player, Android or Apple CarPlay, WiFi hotspot, or multizone climate systems.

The Takeaway

Recently, the procedure of returning cars is convenient and often resembles the checking out process in a hotel. All you need to do is leave the keycard on the bedside or night table, head to the lobby door, and inform the reception desk that you’re checking out. Most car rental companies in Singaporework the same process nowadays.

However, avoid doing so. Leaving the car without an agent, specifically, the agent you talked to, checking it over and picking it up is unsettling. As much as possible, return it where you got it, and do some final inspection on whether you left something or not.

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