5 Amazing Benefits of Health Insurance In Dubai

5 Amazing Benefits of Health Insurance In Dubai

Health insurance can be defined as a contract where an insurance company provides medical coverage to the person insured in return for a premium amount. Health insurance covers the expenses incurred pre-and post-hospitalization, surgeries, day care procedures. Dubai provides excellent health care facilities and this has contributed to a rise in medical tourism to this area over the last decade. The health care infrastructure in Dubai is one of the finest in the world and is a major attraction for people looking to move in there. Health insurance dubai plays a major role in providing healthcare facilities and is necessary for people living there.

UAE has introduced compulsory health insurance a few years back. The health insurance law requires all residents to have health insurance that meets the criteria laid down by the Dubai Health Authority. The responsibility of the health insurance is on the employer and he has to provide the health insurance to the employee.

Citizens in the emirate of Dubai have access to the health insurance program called Saada. The program provides treatment through a network of private and public healthcare facilities in Dubai. They provide medical coverage to citizens who are not benefitting from any government healthcare program.

There is also a program called the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) for the lower-income groups. This program is a collaboration between the Dubai government and insurance companies to provide essential medical facilities at affordable rates to the residents. If your employees earn 4,000 AED per month or less, then you have to insure them under EBP.

The home insurance category in Dubai is also pretty sorted. It assures that you would always get the funds needed to repair the house or replace its contents if anything gets stolen or damaged. The right home insurance takes care that the house and everything inside is protected. The quick and easy processing of claims makes sure that time is saved.

The benefits of health insurance in Dubai are many and it is good to know about them before buying them:

  1.  Safety against rising medical costs: One of the main benefits of health insurance is that they protect against rising medical expenses. Insurance can be made to cover pre- and post- hospitalization expenses, surgeries, medical check-ups. It lets you experience peace of mind by providing an extra safety net that Dubai’s public healthcare systems do not provide.
  2. Access to more healthcare professionals: There are significantly more doctors in Dubai’s private healthcare sector. Health insurance makes sure that one can access them without thinking about the expenses involved. Dubai’s healthcare infrastructure is not only one of the best in the world but also highly expensive. The doctors are highly trained and according to a government report, there are 2 private physicians for every 1000 people.
  3. Access to English-speaking Healthcare professionals: Dubai’s public healthcare system is designed to serve the local population. A foreign national may not be able to get the best of facilities in the public sector because of a shortage of English-speaking physicians. He may have problems explaining the symptoms and getting reassurance on the same.
  4. The public healthcare sector is overcrowded: The public healthcare sector serving the local population is constantly in demand and so the facilities can get overcrowded. It is good to get health insurance so that you can have access to the private health care sector.
  5. Access to a wide network of health facilities: Health insurance provides access to a wide network of medical facilities in the private sector within Dubai city. So, you can have the best of healthcare facilities when you need them.

Thus, we see the importance of having health insurance in Dubai. It provides you with additional security covering along with the public healthcare system and provides essential healthcare to the people.

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