4 Items That Must Be Subjected to Burn-In Test


Burn in test is a type of product quality check that is often employed for products that use semiconductors. Products subjected to the burn in board will undergo operations in extreme temperatures and other conditions that may affect the semiconductor. This way, the manufacturer will see whether the semiconductor installed in the product is sufficient. The burn in test can also guarantee the safe use of the products. Here are some of the products we often use that are required to undergo a burn in test:

  1. Mobile Phones

Among the most notable modern products that use semiconductors are mobile phones. The smartphones we use are likely to have undergone a burn in test. The test will ensure that the smartphone will not overheat while being used. It also lessens the chance of accidents due to overcharging.

  1. Computers

Laptops and desktop computers undergo burn-in tests due to their PCBA manufacturing process. The internal units of these computers are installed with various semiconductors for different functions. Thus, running some tests through the use of a burn-in board can guarantee safe usage.

  1. Gaming Consoles

Just like smartphones, gaming consoles use a lot of semiconductors to operate. For this reason, most game consoles are subjected to burn-in tests to guarantee good semiconductor performance.

  1. Appliances

Some of the household and office appliances that make use of semiconductors are refrigerators, microwave ovens, photocopying machines, printers and more. These appliances may have the risk of overheating and combustion due to high internal pressure. Thus, the semiconductors of these appliances shall be tested before they are deployed in the market.

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