Why Coworking is Successful and How to Utilize the Coworking Characteristics?


The popularity of Coworking is beyond debate and no one can deny the overwhelming success rate and rapid growth of Coworking spaces in the contemporary world. The features and characteristics of Coworking spaces are unique with abundant advantages both to the co-workers as well as to the business houses. In addition to this, Coworking spaces such as The Hive and many others across the world are affordable for the co-workers and cost-effective for the companies whose employees work in the Coworking spaces.

Many studies reveal that the Coworking trend is increasing in terms of co-workers both independent workers as well as from small and big corporate houses. Another trend in relation to Coworking spaces is also emerging into the market and that is the interest of the corporate sector to incorporate the concept of Coworking spaces into their own business setup. In other words, more and more big corporate houses are trying to setup Coworking characteristics into corporate operations and physically build Coworking spaces in their own setup for their employees. In this context, it is necessary to know the basic Characteristics of the Coworking spaces and the reasons for their success and popularity.

One of the basic and important characteristics of Coworking spaces which have resulted in the massive success of Coworking spaces is that they allow remote talent to connect and collaborate with the Coworking community. It is true that your on-site employees too have the advantages of in-person collaboration, but remote employees may not get similar experience which they can avail only in a Coworking space.

The second important characteristic is the collaborative and open atmosphere of the Coworking spaces. Most Coworking spaces are will-fully and deliberately designed to give open seating allowing collaboration between the members, and with less stifling settings which generally seen in the cubicle-based office. The Coworking spaces and their deliberate arrangement ensures maximum and rapid collaboration between members, enhanced problem-solving mechanisms, and above all, community and networking opportunities.

The Third and most important characteristic of Coworking spaces is the process of greater autonomy ensuring productivity. Many research and studies have established that Coworking spaces have the ability to provide emotional advantages to the members. In a recent study, it was revealed that 84% of respondents who work in Coworking spaces said that they were verymuch motivated to work and get engaged in their efforts in the Coworking spaces, and 89% of respondents revealed that they were happier in the Coworking space in comparison to working in a traditional office set up or working alone or isolated in a home or personal office.

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