The Way to Wear a Casual Vest

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A puffer vest, informal vest, cushioned vest, men’s quilted vest, vest coat, down vest, gilet, whatever you intend to name it, is my preferred layering item for the spring and fall seasons.

For when it’s not yet freezing as well as no longer scorching, the vest can help to manage your body temperature level for included warmth, as well as keep you feeling cool, comfy, as well as trendy if put on correctly.

And so, without more ado:

Here’s how to wear a flatterer vest this winter or autumn season, depending upon where you are.


The secret to rocking a vest without appearing like the stay Marshmallow Guy is to keep the vest light as well as slim. This guarantees a more structured, tailored appearance that’s a lot easier to get dressed up/dressed down.

I directly favor putting on a light informal vest; nevertheless, when the weather gets cooler, a puffier, thicker vest functions well as long as the concept of customizing is still basically. Simply put, if your vest does not show up tailored to your body, you’re most likely to show up sloppy.

In all of these appearances, you’ll see a usual motif of layering which is what fall style is all about.

The initial appearance including the puffer vest is this quilted navy light cushioned Walker vest, dark indigo wash denim, grey sweatshirt as well as lightweight brownish Moc-toe boots combination.

Toss on the light layer as an added item of outerwear if the weather condition calls for it. Do not require the jacket? That’s great too as this appearance functions well both with or without the car layer.


This stand-up works due to the fact that the general shape is trim as well as customized. The grey sweatshirt is fitted in addition to the navy down vest. The dark jeans are slim fit together with the navy automobile coat that makes for a total structured look.

Additionally, the area watch is a tough piece. Notice that I’ve switched out the initial olive canvas strap with a clean grey suede, customized strap.

Lastly, the brown moc-toe boots have a split rugged, refined aesthetic that looks clean as well as functions well with this fitted look.

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