No Credit Auto Loans – Tips To Help You Close The Deal


If you have a good job and get your bills paid in time, you would expect that getting an auto loan should be easy. However, that is not always the case because you lack a credit history. Most lenders will tell you that it is next to impossible to get an auto loan when you lack a credit history or credit score. If you can get that car loan, it will establish credit for you. The question then becomes, how do you close the deal? Below are some tips that will make the whole process look simple and straightforward; let’s explore them.

Make A Down Payment

When there’s money, you can find a way. Having a down payment comes with several advantages. It will improve your chances of getting approval on your auto loan. Another advantage is that it will help reduce your overall loan amount. This way, you will qualify for a low interest rate while also getting a lesser monthly payment.

Make A Budget

Whether you have a down payment or not, you should make a budget of how much a loan will cost you. This action will help you find out if you can afford to pay it back. One way to get this done is with online calculators. You can use it to estimate what you can spend on a car entirely and the monthly payment you will have to make. Adjust the values till it meets an amount you find affordable.

Get A Co-Signer

When you have no credit and trying to get an auto loan, one option you can consider is getting a co-signer. Ensure your co-signer is creditworthy to give you a better chance of closing the deal. Note that your co-signer has equal obligations on the auto loan and will therefore take on the loan if you end up defaulting.

Get A Pre-Approval

Before you visit a lender, you can take the first step and get a preapproval. If you get preapproved, you will carry out your first car purchase in confidence because you know your loan approval terms. You can also direct your focus on the right car and price you want while leaving financing aside.

Build Credit First

Another way to close the deal with applying for an auto loan is to start building up your credit before applying. You can get a store card, secured credit card, or even get included on a credit card as an authorized user. Once you start developing good credit habits, you will develop a credit score to help you when you finally fill an application for an auto loan.

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