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Many people love to move to Idaho for a variety of reasons. One can enjoy nature and there is great access to outdoor recreational activities, camping, fishing, rafting, hiking and much more. There are loads of career opportunities and if you want to move here, it’s really a solid plan.

When you want to move to Idaho, you may be worried about shipping your car safely to the destination. With reputed Idaho automobile transport services, there is nothing to worry about. Ship a Car, Inc. that has more than a decade of service in this field, delivers any kind of vehicles safely throughout the US for reasonable cost with their transport professionals.

To save time and energy, sometimes it the best option to choose the auto transportation company. However, you need to know that the rates are not fixed and they vary depending on various factors. Most of the companies will have rate calculators on their website and you will have to fill in the required fields to get approximate quote.

Following are the factors that affect car transport rate.


Obviously size matters in deciding the shipping cost since larger vehicles like SUVs, truck occupy more space compared to smaller ones and also, they weigh more.


How far your need to be transported plays a major part. Farther the destination, more time need to be spent to haul your vehicle and also more gas is needed. Moreover, if the gas price shoots up, it will also have great impact on your rates.

Delivery Method

You can choose either open or enclosed transport depending on the type of your car and your preference.

In an open transport, your car will be shipped along with some other cars, maximum of ten cars, in an open carrier. It works out cheaper and is the popular form of car shipping.

In enclosed transport, your vehicle is given special care and is shipped in a confined trailer. This is the best mode if you own luxury or classic cars. Your vehicle will be safe from dust, dirt, harsh weather and some other elements of the road.

Condition of vehicle

It will be easy for them to load and unload into carrier if your vehicle is operable. Otherwise, there is a need of extra manpower and equipment that leads to extra cost.

Shipping options

Whether you need your vehicle as soon as possible or you have time flexibility is another factor that decides the rate.

Now let us see how to choose the right shipping company.

  • Before handing over your car to them, make sure that they have all necessary licenses and registered under DOT.
  • Make sure that they can handle any type of vehicles, inoperable, heavy vehicles, extremely modified, multi-vehicle shipping etc.,
  • Any reputed company will give you their quotation for free and you are under no obligation to hire the same. You can simply back off if they don’t.
  • Before booking with the company make sure that the quotation covers all the costs or is there any hidden costs you need to pay later.
  • Anything can happen during transportation. Reputed companies will have insurance certificate. Make sure that insurance covers your vehicle or not.

With these tips you can choose the right company for your need.

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