10 Useful Tips to Help File Two-Wheeler Insurance Claims Online


Accidents are unfortunate and can happen at any time. Therefore, each individual should be prudent and prepare themselves for such events beforehand. Especially when it comes to driving on Indian roads, it is important that we do so with a valid license as well as a valid insurance policy. A two-wheeler insurance policy provides you financial support and covers your legal liabilities in case you meet with an accident. Moreover, it is also mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, to purchase a basic two wheeler insurance third party plan.

Once you are covered with an active policy, you are prepared to face most headwinds. If any unforeseen event does take place and you feel the need to raise a claim, you would want it to settle as soon as possible. However, there is a certain process that needs to be followed before you receive your claim settlement amount. Knowing the right way to file an insurance claim is as important as purchasing the right two-wheeler insurance policy.

To be able to file a claim without making mistakes, follow the tips given below:

  1. Contact your insurance provider

If the accident did not result in physical injuries to any of the involved parties, then you should immediately call your insurance provider. You can do this by reaching out on their helpline numbers and following the process. They will register your insurance claim and you must then follow their instructions.

However, if the accident resulted in physical harm to anyone, immediately call emergency services before anything.

Another thing to keep in mind would be evidence. Once you have informed the authorities and your insurer, you can take pictures and videos of the incident to show as proof, if required.


  1. File an FIR

In case any damage or injuries are caused to a third-party’s person or property, it is compulsory for you to file an FIR (First Information Report). Your insurer will need a copy of this when you file your claim.

  1. Know the types of claims

You must know the type of claim you want to file. If a third-party’s property or person was damaged or injured, it would be a third-party claim. But if own damage was sustained, i.e. insured bike was damaged, then it would be a comprehensive claim.


  1. File claim at the earliest

Don’t wait for long before filing a claim. Also, settlements usually take a while to be processed, therefore, the claim form must be duly filled and submitted as soon as possible.

  1. Be aware about the policy inclusions & exclusions

Read the policy document carefully and go through the exclusions as well as inclusions of your two wheeler insurance policy. If you make a claim that’s excluded from your policy, it will get rejected.

  1. Provide accurate details

Take time while filling the details on the claim form. If you provide any incorrect details, your claim can get delayed or rejected.

  1. Be honest

The reason for filing the claim must be made clear to the insurance company and you should be completely honest about the events that took place. The insurance company will then appoint a representative to inspect your vehicle. For your claim to pass, you need to go through this process.

  1. Submit the necessary documents

Apart from the claim form, there are a few documents that need to be submitted to your insurance provider. With internet making these processes easy, you can upload the documents directly online.

  1. Get your bike inspected

Make sure that you let the insurer’s representative inspect the damaged two-wheeler before you go ahead with any repairs. You will need to answer all their questions correctly and with complete honesty.

  1. Look for a network garage

To make full use of your insurance policy, take your damaged vehicle to a network garage in order to avail a cashless settlement. The repair bills will be directly paid for by your insurance company and you can just sit back and relax.

If going to the network garage is inconvenient, you can get the bike repaired yourself and then ask your insurer for reimbursement.

With technology making things easier for us, claiming insurance should also be swift and hassle-free. If you follow the above-mentioned steps to settle your two-wheeler insurance claim, you are likely to be compensated quickly and without having to jump any hurdles. Ensure that you are aware of the insurance renewal process to keep your policy from expiring.

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