Tips For Effective Communications Monitoring During Pandemic  


Texting is a method of forming and sending electronic messages via a mobile device, electronic tablet, desktop, laptop, and any other digital technology form. This invention was created by Neil Papworth back in the year 1992. Neil’s creation has been a help in the development of the contemporary world.

Text messaging is also known as SMS or Short Message Service. The word “Short” was used by Papworth because to emphasize the maximum size of text messages: 160 characters. The said typescript includes alphabetic letters, numbers, punctuations, and symbols.

In line with SMS, MMS, or recognized as Multimedia Messaging Service, was created as well. Messages such as this contain digital images, videos, stickers, graphics interchange format (GIFS), emojis, useful content, and ideograms to the recipient.

This development has made communication more manageable than the usual, unlike the history where the sender requires to compose a written mail and send it. The receiver will then obtain the mail within weeks or months, depending on how far the place the mail came from the destination.

Another form of digital communication is calling using a mobile device or other technology. Thanks to Alexander Graham Bell’s determination to call his competitor thru wireless phones, it is now possible to have phone calls. His company, AT&T, became famous now and remained in the line of the topmost consumed list in the phone line industry.

The method of today’s communication has already become a part of the lifestyle of humankind. Social relations development is now utilized as an alternative even when there is an ongoing pandemic. Text messaging has been away on the easiest and rushed way to read records and pinpoint a particular scenario that needs addressing. It has been mandatory to secure SMS messaging and call monitoring without a hassle.

Nevertheless, how does an employee continue with communication monitoring when there is an occurring pandemic?

Find out the most effective tips and solutions TeleMessage provided on the infographic below:

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