Health Hazards: 5 Reasons Why An Aircon Cleaning Service Is A Must


During summer, most people cannot bear to live or end the day without using their air conditioning units. Cool air and aircon are two of a man’s best friends during hot, sweaty days. It can also help with putting you to a good night’s sleep. There are many benefits your aircon provides. In return, it is important to give it some TLC. One of which is to have regular aircon cleaning serviceschedules to make sure that its condition is properly maintained.

When was the last time you scheduled an aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore? Infrequent appointments and aircon cleaning serviceschedules may cause headaches and health hazards. If your air conditioner unit starts to show signs and symptoms of wear and tear, it may indicate that your air conditioner has been untaken care of and may bring more risks to you and your family’s health. It may also be the reason for it to stop working and suffer from malfunctions, which would cost you more expenses.

To lessen the chances of risking your family’s health, here are five health dangers, hazards, and general problems of an unclean air conditioning unit.


The primary purpose of regularly getting an aircon chemical wash in Singaporeis to enhance and maintain its efficiency. Aside from that, it can also eliminate all the significant health hazards posed by running an uncleaned and outdated air conditioning unit. Old aircon units are prone to bacteria, fungi, dirt, and pollen, which may grow as an infection and endanger your health. Through time, these microorganisms will grow and increase more if you continue to use them.

Old aircon units are the nest and breeding grounds of bacteria. One practical and safe way to exterminate these microorganisms is through routine cleaning, proper maintenance, and regular schedules of aircon chemical cleaning inSingapore.



Around 70% of the human population has strong and healthy immune systems, while the rest of the population suffers from a weak immune system. The usual health diseases for all ages are related to respiratory and breathing. Many people cannot withstand poor and dirty air quality, especially children. If you have kids at home, whether they have asthma, bronchitis, or any respiratory-related conditions, or not, it is highly important to get numerous aircon chemical wash services in Singapore.

Uncleaned and old air conditioning units, extreme heat, and low airflow levels are three of the most common threats for people with respiratory medical diseases. Dirt, air pollutants, or fibre may cause them lung-infectious diseases and trigger their asthma. The best solutions to lessen these health risks are frequently getting an aircon cleaning service and monthly or emergency aircon repair in Singapore.


Air conditioners have the following cooling agents:

  • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
  • Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs)
  • Halons
  • Methyl Bromide
  • Carbon Tetrachloride
  • Hydrobromofluorocarbons
  • Chlorobromomethane
  • Methyl Chloroform

These words may be unfamiliar and sound too technical, but these refrigerants and cooling agents are inside your air conditioning units, which may contribute to ozone depletion. One way to help the environment is to invest in modern air conditioning systems as they are much more environmentally friendly and safe to use even at home. If you want a more practical and less expensive option, you may consider booking an aircon chemical cleaning in Singapore.


Generally, when it comes to appliances and electrical stuff, the frequent causes of fire are overheating, faulty wirings, or being worn out. As time goes by, the components and parts of your air conditioning unit start to get used up. For instance, the fans have a crack or damage, your air filter or expansion valve suffers from a malfunction, or the heating pipes no longer operate. If any of your components are no longer functioning, it is best to get an aircon cleaning and repair service, as these may indicate that the condition of your unit is at its most dangerous level. If these are left unrepaired and untaken care of, fire circumstances may start to occur. Before an emergency occurs, schedule anaircon repair in Singapore right away. Some electrical parts are within the unit, and only a professional can check and fix them for you.



Another problem you may encounter with an overlooked and passed up air conditioner is its efficiency. Whether the unit is old, has problems from within, or is worn out, an air conditioning unit becomes weaker and works less energy efficient over time. Less efficiency may require you to use more cooling appliances, which results in high energy consumption. High energy consumption equals higher electricity bills.

To save on costs, schedule an aircon cleaning serviceand maintenance once in a while to make sure that its condition is good and secure enough to use. If you want to invest in a safer alternative, you may purchase a new and advanced air conditioning unit. They have cooler air, adjustable settings, are environmentally friendly, and have energy-saving features which help with your electricity bills. Replacing your old unit may help save your funds at the end of the day.


An aircon chemical wash price in Singapore is more affordable than buying a new unit. Your air conditioning unit functions well during sunny days and summertime. It is the most efficient way to beat the heat and reduce the chances of heat stroke and other heat-related conditions. As a general rule to anything that benefits people, you should also provide care and give benefits to it. It is a give-and-take process and should go both ways. You benefit from your air conditioner, so you must keep it properly maintained. Aside from the repairs and monthly professional checkups, regularly schedule an aircon cleaning service. It is to ensure that your unit, your family, and you are safe from any health or life hazards.

At Yong He Aircon, they can help you achieve a cooler and safer home through the power of their aircon chemical cleaning services in Singapore. They will ensure that your unit is in tip-top shape. Contact them through or their website to enquire about their services and price rates. You may also schedule an appointment at their office at 39 Woodlands Close, Singapore.

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