Choosing the Best of CRM Software Options


Consultants will then be responsible for the design and implementation of the new application. Probably adjustments will be needed to bring the CRM software in line with your own processes. Each time the development of a certain component is completed, this will be formally submitted to you for acceptance before moving on to the next component. However, you will need to know what is crm software in that case.


The implementation team will then subject the new CRM system to thorough stress testing. The successful simulation of a go live thus forms the basis for the next phase of actual commissioning.

Go Live & Support

The new CRM system is finally taken into use and all employees are trained to use it. Your software partner is thereby prominently present to actively assist the users. In the weeks and months after the go live, you will learn from the daily use of the system how you can further optimize this. By making even better use of the possibilities of the system, its efficiency will also increase. Make the necessary demands on your software partner with regard to the help desk and future availability of its support organization and help desk. You can make use of the top free crm apps there.

Creating a project team with your IT partner

The project team plays an important role in the success of your project. CRM should not be considered as a technical product in itself that will fulfill the above objective. A CRM implementation naturally goes much further than that. CRM software primarily serves to support the Sales & Marketing processes. The project team must therefore be composed by people who know the processes of the organization through and through and are open to new ideas. They become, as it were, the ambassadors of this internal project within your organization.

  • The project team must finally get the new way of working sold to the other users. Make a list with the different roles and responsibilities together with your CRM partner. Also immediately define the time that will be required to successfully complete these tasks.
  • This way, your employee will immediately know how much time he has to free up for the project and what is expected of him. Based on the complexity of the project, you may or may not need more or lesser roles (such as experts in your business processes) and the required time may vary. The use of the faculty management system comes perfect there.

Some Words

Responsibility for the implementation process is often shifted to the IT partner, on the assumption that they know from A to Z how to approach the problem. Yet your own role in the project team is equally important during the entire implementation. After all, there must always be good communication about priorities, desired deadlines, possible adjustments. It is important that your objectives and those of your software partner are the same at every stage of the process. So form a project team together with your IT partner and appoint a project manager from your own company who can also free up enough time. Afterwards, you will earn back your investment in time!

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